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Zula Hendricks
Zula Hendricks
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Private First Class Zula M. Hendricks[1] was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2137, she was assigned to a corporate security drone squad, led by Davis One, that was sent aboard the Europa to claim the vessel as salvage for Weyland-Yutani. Instead, the team discovered an infestation of Xenomorphs, an event that propelled Hendricks and Davis One on a personal mission across inhabited space to prevent the creatures falling into the company's hands.


Life-changing injuriesEdit

Seriously wounded in action during her first combat operation with the USCM,[2] Hendricks found herself facing extensive reconstructive surgery and a lifetime of regular medical procedures to help her manage her damaged spine, which routinely caused her severe pain and often hindered her mobility. Her injuries meant that she was shunned by her fellow Marines[3] and even her superiors, who viewed her as a disgrace for throwing away years of extensive — and expensive — training just minutes into her first battle.[2] As a result, she found herself largely snubbed by the Marine Corps and relegated to routine non-combat operations, a fact she found incredibly frustrating.[1]

Hendricks spent time recuperating from her injuries at Tranquillity Base on Luna, under the supervision of Dr. Emi Yang, who hoped to repair the physical damage to her body and return her to fighting strength, although this would be a lengthy and arduous process.[2] While at Tranquility, Hendricks also became close with Amanda Ripley, often accompanying her on her repair jobs, even learning some electronic engineering skills along the way.[4]

The EuropaEdit

"It didn't drift here. So where's the crew?"
Hendricks to Davis One, regarding the Europa (from Aliens: Defiance)

When the Seegson commercial cargo hauler Europa was found adrift in space, Hendricks was assigned as military liaison to a squad of Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones sent aboard to claim the vessel for salvage. However, after boarding the ship, the team quickly encountered several Xenomorphs, and in the ensuing chaos Hendricks' compression suit was compromised and she blacked out.

When she awoke in the ship's medical bay, she was informed by the synthetic in charge, Davis One, that she had in fact been in hypersleep for almost a month whilst the surviving synthetics had dealt with the Xenomorphs and sterilized the ship. To her shock, Davis One also informed her that he had broken his programming, contravened his orders to return to Luna, and hijacked the Europa to hunt down the origin of the Xenomorphs on board, recognizing the threat they posed to mankind. Although initially troubled by the revelation that Davis One had developed free will, Hendricks agreed to follow him when she learned that Weyland-Yutani had known about the Xenomorphs in advance, and in fact sought to capture live specimens for research.[1]


Following leads found in the files taken from the Europa's mainframe, Hendricks and Davis One took the ship to the science station LV-44-40, which they found apparently abandoned. After boarding the station, they quickly discovered a dead Xenomorph, but not other indication of the creatures' presence. After raiding the station's armory and downloading more files from its mainframe, Hendricks moved to investigate heat signatures coming from one of the storage bays, in case there were survivors on board. Instead, she found a small Hive, littered with the corpses of the crew. After barely fighting off a Xenomorph and several Facehuggers that emerged from the Hive, Hendricks and Davis One fled back to the Europa and left the station burning in their wake.[3]


Hendricks and Davis One had now been declared officially away without leave, and as a result Weyland-Yutani remotely reprogrammed the remaining corporate security drones on board to eliminate them and return the ship to Earth. While Davis One was himself unaffected — having hacked his own systems to remove any potential of company control — he and Hendricks were faced with a mutiny that they had to quell with force.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • In addition to her training as a marine, Zula picked up skills in engineering by tagging along with with Amanda Ripley when working. [5]




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