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"Moving human capital beyond tomorrow."
―Company slogan
Yutani Coporation Logo

The Yutani Corporation Logo.

The Yutani Corporation was a Japanese corporation that existed in the 21st century. The CEO, Ms. Yutani, acquired a Yautja Plasma Cannon originally from Wolf, the Yautja who arrived on Earth in 2004 to clean up the Xenomorph infestation in Gunnison, Colorado through Colonel Stevens and she utilized it to advance human technology. By 2030, the company was known to do business with Borgia Industries.[1]

On December 12, 2029, the Yutani Corporation filed a lawsuit against Weyland Corp over a patent dispute with the David Series. Weyland Corp won the David patent lawsuit years later. Sometime after Project Prometheus, Weyland Corp would acquire the Yutani Corporation thus forming the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.


  • According to the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, the Yutani Corporation (or Yutani Corporation assets, following the merger with Weyland Corp) manufactured the faster-than-light drive fitted aboard the USCSS Nostromo.[2]
  • In Peter Briggs' script for Alien vs. Predator, a "Yutani-Templin" company is mentioned, implying that the Yutani Corporation was involved in other corporate mergers in addition to its merger with Weyland-Yutani, and that these other conglomerates are still in operation. However, the exact nature of the company is never elaborated upon, and the script was never produced.



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