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The Yautja Trial Overseers are senior members of the Elite Clan, selected possibly by Spartan himself, to observe the performance of Young Blood and Blooded Yautja being tested in the trials for the rank of Elite, and acceptance in the clan. Overseers task contestants with mastery of weapons such as the Plasmacaster, as well as excellent hand-to-hand combat skill.

Aliens vs. PredatorEdit

On an unknown planet, possibly Yautja Prime, a Young Blood has enlisted in the trials for the title of Elite as well as acceptance into the Elite Clan. Upon entrance to an arena, the eldest member and leader of the Elite Clan, Spartan, directs the Young Blood to acknowledge the presence of his superiors. Following the Young Blood's completion of this task, the overseers engage their cloaking devices and exit the arena. During the trials, the overseers observe the Young Blood's satisfying demonstration of his mastery of the volatile Plasmacaster and skills in combat against Xenomorphs. After the Young Blood takes the head of the final "serpent" as a trophy, Spartan informs the Young Blood that he has emerged victorious, and introduces "Dark" to his clan brothers and fellow Elites.

Known Trial OverseersEdit

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