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The Featured Poll Ideas is where editors can state their poll ides for the Featured Poll. Such polls will feature on Xenopedia's Main Page. Below are instructions on how to submit your idea and vote. Admins moderate this discussion and will either add an poll to be a future Featured Poll, or remove it from this page.

How to Submit Your Poll IdeaEdit

Please use the following format for ideas and votes. Be sure to sign all ideas and votes. New ideas should be placed at the top of this list.

Poll questionEdit

  • Answer 1
  • Answer 2
  • Answer 2 etc
    • Idea by: (your signature [----])


  • Pictogram voting support ({{Agree}}) (any comments).(your signature [~~~~])
  • Pictogram voting oppose ({{Disagree}}) (any comments).(your signature [~~~~])


What is your favorite Xenomorph caste?Edit

What is your favorite human weapon?Edit

  • Incinerator unit (Alien)
  • Laser pistol (Alien)
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Smartgun
  • Shockrifle
  • Draco Double Burner (Alien Resurrection flamethrower)
  • M16

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