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The Featured Article Archive is an archive of all articles currently or previously featured in the Featured Article section on the Xenopedia Main Page. Every entry on this page has been kept exactly as it was immediately before being replaced (the sole exception being corrections to links due to the renaming of articles).

Aliens: Defiance

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Aliens Defiance 01

Aliens: Defiance #1.

Aliens: Defiance is an ongoing 12-issue limited comic book series that is being published currently by Dark Horse Comics. It is also being published simultaneously in the digital format via Dark Horse Digital. The story is written by Brian Wood, illustrated by Tristan Jones and Riccardo Burchielli, inked by Tristan Jones, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Nate Piekos and edited by Spencer Cushing, with cover art by Massimo Carnevale. Stephanie Hans, Sachin Teng and Mark A. Nelson also provided variant covers for the first issue.

The series, set between Alien and Aliens, tells the story of Zula Hendricks, a rookie Colonial Marine who goes A.W.O.L. to defend the Earth from the Xenomorphs. The series is being released alongside the tie-in short story Aliens: Defiance - Extravehicular, produced by the same creative team.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Defiance is preceded by Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series and was published concurrently with Aliens: Defiance - Extravehicular.

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Aliens (UK magazine)

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Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #8.

Aliens, often referred to as Aliens magazine, is a two-volume, "oversized" (8 × 12) format comics magazine that was published in the United Kingdom from February 1991-April 1994, first by by Trident Comics (Vol. 1, #1-16) and later Dark Horse International (Vol. 1, #17-Vol. 2, #22).

Originally, the magazine served simply as a means to publish serialized reprints of existing Dark Horse Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator comics for the UK market. However, after Dark Horse International took over the publication in mid-1992, the magazine's scope expanded to include additional new material created exclusively for it. This included text articles, interviews, news and even new comic book stories. Of particular note is the regular "Technical Readout" section, about the weapons and technology of the Alien franchise, which eventually evolved into the book Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.

Financial troubles at Dark Horse International ultimately led to the company going out of business in 1994, and as a result Aliens magazine was cancelled after issue 22 of Volume 2. Several further issues were solicited but none ever saw print.

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Operation: Aliens (television series)

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Op-Aliens logo

The Operation: Aliens logo.

Operation: Aliens was a cancelled 1992 animated children's television series based on the Alien franchise, chiefly the 1986 film Aliens. It was to follow Lieutenant Ripley and the "Space Marines" as they battled the Xenomorph scourge throughout the galaxy. Although the cartoon was cancelled before broadcast, the tie-in toy line from Kenner Products did go on sale, albeit re-branded as simply Aliens, while the show's concepts and characters made it into a variety of other released merchandise.

Only a single pilot episode of the show was ever produced, although even that may not have been completed. Since its cancellation, no footage from the cartoon has ever been made available anywhere.

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Alien: Out of the Shadows

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Out of the Shadows Cover

Alien: Out of the Shadows is a novel written by Tim Lebbon and published by Titan Books. Set between Alien and Aliens, the book chronicles Ellen Ripley's involvement in a Xenomorph outbreak on the planet LV178 and the mining vessel in orbit above it. The survivors' attempts to escape the creatures are further complicated by Ash, whose AI consciousness has survived inside the shuttle that brought Ripley to them.

Originally slated for release in December 2013, the book was later delayed until January 7, 2014. It was later delayed again, and finally saw release on January 28, 2014. The novel is the first in a trilogy tied into the movies, and was followed by Alien: Sea of Sorrows, written by James A. Moore and released on July 29, 2014.

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Alien III (William Gibson)

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William Gibson's Alien III was a 1987 script draft for a sequel to Aliens. Gibson was the first of eight different writers to tackle the Alien3 project, and his first draft screenplay is arguably the most well-known of the unmade scripts for the film as it has been available to read on the internet for many years. The story bears no relation to Alien3 as it was ultimately made, and instead revolves around Dwayne Hicks and Bishop battling genetically-altered Xenomorphs aboard an enormous space station named Anchorpoint.

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M41A Pulse Rifle

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M41A Pulse Rifle

The M41A Pulse Rifle is an American-made assault carbine chambered for 10×24mm Caseless ammunition. It was employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the United States Army as their primary infantry weapon during the late 22nd century. Through its use with the USCM, it saw regular use in various engagements with the Xenomorph and Yautja species.

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Pauling MedPod 720i

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Medpod 720i

The Pauling MedPod 720i (variously: Med-Pod, Med Pod) was a piece of medical equipment performing bypass surgery developed by Weyland Corp that met with FDA approval. The MedPod was an expensive piece of hardware proving to be the most advanced unit at the time and came equipped with the (at the time) latest in medical science technology. (Read more...)

Stasis Interrupted

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Stasis Interrupted is a singleplayer expansion for the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, and was the fourth and final piece of DLC for the game, released July 23, 2013. It serves as a prequel to the storyline in the main game, revealing the events Corporal Hicks was involved in during the 17 week gap between the film Aliens and the beginning of the main game. It was developed in collaboration between Gearbox Software and Darkside Game Studios. The DLC also adds several new achievements/trophies for players to unlock, which were initially revealed via the trophy list for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. (Read more...)

Al Apone

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Gunnery Sergeant Al Apone was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was the senior non-commissioned officer with the combat unit deployed to LV-426 aboard the USS Sulaco in 2179, to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the colony of Hadley's Hope. Despite a sometimes antagonistic relationship with some of the Marines under his command, notably Private Hudson, Apone was greatly respected by his men. (Read more...)

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is a 2013 first-person shooter video game, developed by Gearbox Software and TimeGate Studios and published by Sega on for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Wii U version was being produced for release but was eventually cancelled on April 5th 2013. The game takes place in 2179 and is a sequel to the 1986 film Aliens and takes place after the death of Ellen Ripley in Alien3. (Read more...)

Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1

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AVP Omnibus 1
Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1 is a trade paperback release by Dark Horse Comics collecting many issues of the Aliens vs. Predator comics series and related stories. Included is a reprint of the original 9-page Aliens vs. Predator story first published in 1990's Dark Horse Presents 36, marking the first official appearance together of the title characters. (Read more...)

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