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Territory: Earth
Ethnicity/Composition: Varied
Notable members: Dr. Piers Cotlow
Lucien Keitel
Ken Petrillo
Hannibal Sten

Xenomorph cults are religious groups that deify the Xenomorph XX121 species and view the creatures as gods or angels. Although many disparate Xenomorph-worshipping cults have been identified, they often share similar ideals or practises, including, perhaps most notably, an active desire by cult members to become host for a Chestburster.


Members usually desire to become one with the Xenomorphs by allowing themselves to be used as hosts, believing that they will be resurrected as "Angels". They are directly responsible for the infestation of Earth. Salvaje, a cult leader had arranged for his order to break into a base and set off a bomb. the other members the intentionally allowed Xenomorph Facehuggers to impregnate them, while most of the cultists were gunned down by the security, some managed to escape from the facility, allowing them to infest earth. While the cultists intend to become hosts, some usually change their minds at the last minute, however by then it is usually too late. Salveje, the leader of the cult was noted by the cctv operators to have screamed in terror as the parasite attached and Ken Petrillo became very reluctant before being subdued.

Known CultistsEdit


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