The Mileena/Xenomorph Chestburster is a win variation of the Tarkatan Xenomorph from Mortal Kombat X.



If the player selects the Alien, plays against the character Mileena or the Tarkatan Xenomorph and wins without a fatality, the winning cutscene will feature the Tarkatan Xenomorph taking them to a Hive. A chestburster later rips out of the them. Also, if the player chooses the Konjuror variation and performs the Alien Baby brutality on either, this chestburster will also rip out of them and then slithers away from it's host.



Tarkatan Burster (left) and Mileena/Xeno burster (right)

Due to Xenomorphs taking traits from their hosts, this chestburster's distinctions include a larger set of sharp teeth than the typical human-spawned Xeno as well as small spikes on it's cheek and around it's body. Both of it's possible hosts have Tarkatan ancestry, therefore it could inherit such traits from either one.

The adult form of this creature is never seen.


  • The Tarkatan burster from Mileena and the Alien are identical, although the Alien itself was indistinguishable from a normal human-spawned burster as an infant. This could be due to the game being in it's early development phase, but there is no evidence of the fact.
  • Similarly, if a mirror match occurs between the Tarkatan Xenomorph, a chestburster designed the same way as Mileena's will rip out of the Xeno's chest. Though this is only a "what if" scenario as with the exception of the white-hybrid instance, Xenomorphs do not impregnate other Xenomorphs and possibly cannot, and mirror matches are not usually matches to be taken seriously for obvious reasons (two of the same character cannot exist at the same time).


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