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The Jungle Hunter's Wristblades.
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Cutting blades






Wristblades,[1][2] also known as Gauntlet Knives,[3] are perhaps the most basic of Yautja weapons. They are retractable, serrated blades between six and eighteen inches in length and two to eight inches wide that extend over the back of the hand from a gauntlet worn on the Predator's wrist. Generally, Yautja wear a single gauntlet on one wrist fitted with a pair of parallel blades, but there are a number of stylistic variations to this basic arrangement.

Despite their relative simplicity, Wristblades are arguably the Yautja's signature weapon and the weapon of choice for most Predators. The deadly blades are sharp enough to cut through bone and are intended for use against unarmored combatants or those who have been disarmed. As a last resort, they can sometimes be fired as a projectile from their gauntlet.[4]


Wristblades, owing to their exclusively close-range nature, are considered among the most honorable weapons a Predator can use when killing prey.[2] As a point of pride, the Brawlers arm themselves with these melee weapons exclusively, inflicting a crippling amount of damage without using ranged weapons.[5]

Wristblades are not without drawbacks. For one, some longer blades are not covered by a hunter's Cloaking Device and even when they are, they will sometimes be visible through the cloak if covered in large amounts of blood or gore. Not all Wristblades are resistant to the acidic effects of Xenomorph blood and will consequently melt during combat with Xenomorphs, though this problem seems to apply only to Young Bloods, possibly to encourage them to use their more acid resistant weapons, as the Yautja evidently possess the means to forge metals that are immune to Xenomorph acid.

On BG-386, Dark was able to open doors in ancient Yautja ruins by inserting his Wristblades into specific slots, indicating they have been in use for centuries and also carry non-combat uses, at least in ceremonial temples.[6]


Several variations of the standard Wrist Blade design have been seen.

  • The Jungle Hunter had slightly prehensile Wristblades that could extend outwards away from each other to pin prey between the blades without damaging them.
  • Dark, Spartan, Wolf (BG-386), Claw and many Predators of the Elite Clan carried Wristblades on both of their arms.
  • Celtic possessed Wristblades that could reverse direction.[4]
  • Stone Heart possessed Wristblades with triple blades. A Predator encountered in Cambodia in 2000 BC wore a similar triple Wrist Blade.[7]
  • The Super Predators used a singular Wrist Blade design that featured only one, extended blade.


  • While the vast majority of Wrist Blade units possess a pair of parallel blades, some Yautja have been known to use Wristblades that incorporate only a single blade, most notably the Super Predators. Some Yautja have also been known to use triple-bladed Wristblades, most notably the Bad Blood Stone Heart.


See AlsoEdit

  • Scimitar - A single, lengthy blade carried on the forearm, similar to Wristblades in function.


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