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The Crucified Predator uses his Wrist Gauntlet.

The Wrist Gauntlet,[citation needed] also known as the Wrist Bracer[citation needed] or Wrist Computer, is possibly the Yautja's most valuable tool. The compact wrist-mounted console houses several technologically advanced features, including a Sat-Com and a powerful Self-Destruct Device, as well as controls for a Predator's Cloaking Device and, in some cases, their Plasma Caster. Some Wrist Gauntlets have also been seen to include Gauntlet Plasma Bolts or Power Punch Gloves. It is possibly the most prized piece of Predator technology and its loss is often met with severe punishment.[1]


The Wrist Gauntlet is a small computer device worn, as its name implies, on the wrist, and features numerous controls for various items of Predator technology, as well as a digitized, apparently numerical display.[2] The Gauntlet is linked directly into a Predator's Bio-Mask and governs many of its functions, including its alternate vision modes. It also operates the user's Cloaking Device and, in some cases, has been seen to control a Yautja's Plasma Caster as well. The Gauntlet also acts as a power source for these tools, although it has only limited capacity and will become depleted with repeated use.[1][3] However, despite the clearly advanced nature of the technology involved, Wrist Gauntlet can be recharged from any common power source, including junction boxes and standard human-manufactured battery units.[3]

As the control unit for much of a Predator's advanced weaponry and technology, the Wrist Gauntlet is an incredibly important item for them. In fact, a Predator's Wrist Gauntlet is surgically grafted onto the individuals arm and apparently fused with their very nervous system to the point where removal of the unit is typically fatal for its owner.[4] The computer's importance has also been noted by humans studying the creatures, and much effort has been put into the capture and study of the device.[3]


Self-Destruct DeviceEdit

Main article: Self-Destruct Device

All Yautja Wrist Gauntlets contain a powerful Self-Destruct Device designed to allow the individual to commit honorable suicide rather than be captured. More importantly, the device eradicates all traces of the Predator's existence and ensures their advanced technology will not be captured.


Main article: Sat-Com

The Sat-Com is a Predator's communication and tactical tool that includes holographic projection capabilities.

Gauntlet Plasma BoltEdit

Main article: Gauntlet Plasma Bolt

Gauntlet Plasma Bolts are small Plasma Casters included on some Wrist Gauntlets. While lacking the power and versatility of the common Plasma Caster, Gauntlet Plasma Bolts can make effective weapons in the heat of battle.

Power Punch GloveEdit

Main article: Power Punch Glove

The Power Punch Glove is a melee weapon that essentially extends from the Gauntlet to cover a Predator's hand, allowing them to perform strikes that would otherwise crush the Predator's fist.

Use in Video GamesEdit

The Wrist Gauntlet appears in all Predator and AVP video games. The Self-Destruct Device can actually be used in Aliens versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt's multiplayer mode provided the player has less than 10% health.


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