Wright-Aberra fuel depot
General information
Classification Fueling station
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Defiance
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The Wright-Aberra fuel depot was a large, midspace fueling station used to refuel mass haulers, colony ships, and anything that burns a lot of propellant escaping its home gravity.

The fuel depot is massive in size. It contains short-stay housing, food service, a security force, storage bays, and multiple common areas that facilitate hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. The station was kept at about point eight Earth's gravity.


In 2137, a colony hauler came into the fuel depot packed with infected refugees from a conflict zone. The Xenomorph infestation spread to common areas and on into other ships in berth. Three ships took off while the rest were held back.

Stolen data from Weyland-Yutani flagged this space station as a possible contagion breakout point. While looking for survivors in the Alien-infested fueling depot, Zula and Davis discovered a lone medical officer, Dr. Hollis, hiding in the bowels of the station.