A worm device was a computer interface developed by Dr. Adam Post by 2230 during his time with Weyland-Yutani.


It resembled a handheld computer that had a peculiar extrusion at the back with four prongs sticking out from this portion of the machine. The purpose of the device was to serve as a standard interface with Pilot computer technology. Once plugged into Pilot-tech, it typically interfaced with any systems that were still online and began shutting them down one by one. The operational time for the device was unknown as it entirely depended on how much Pilot-tech was still functioning with tests indicating it could complete its goal anywhere between minutes to hours. Once plugged in, it began shutting the systems down at random. However, Pilot systems were remarkably intelligent as well as robust which meant that in time the surviving systems managed to figure out a means of restoring any systems shutdown by the worm device.


In 2230, numerous expeditions were launched into Zeta Site in order to retrieve the Artifact with none being successful. However, the Iron Bears sent their own operatives to acquire the relic in order to sell it to a buyer. For this task, Major Dunya was dispatched where she was given a worm device by Dr. Post who instructed her on how to use it when she reached the Artifact Chamber on LV-1201. The machines use allowed the Pilot-tech to be shut down to the point that she could safely retrieve the Artifact but at the cost of the energy field that repelled the Xenomorphs from the site.