"Working Joes: Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant."
―Tagline for Working Joe advertisements (from Alien: Isolation)

The Working Joe is a line of rudimentary androids manufactured and sold by Seegson Corporation. They are encountered aboard the decommissioned space station Sevastopol Station in 2137.


"You always know a Working Joe."
―Tagline for Working Joe advertisements (from Alien: Isolation)

Unlike the human-resembling synthetics of Weyland-Yutani or Hyperdyne Systems, the Working Joes feature hairless rubber skin, LED eyes, a robotic voice and lack facial movement. While this may seem to be a result of inferior technology and manufacturing by Seegson, the models are purposely designed this way to make people more assured that these androids are truly distinctive and cannot be mistaken for anything else, as opposed to the Weyland Yutani variant that can be easily mistakable for a human being.

While they are stronger than humans, Working Joes are inferior to W-Y models such as Samuels, as he was able to effortlessly tear them apart when provoked.

Seegson offers the Joes as a package of androids and a governing artificial intelligence, (in Sevastopol's case, it was APOLLO). Its marketing approach is twofold:

  • The package of androids and centralized AI is more cost-effective than competing synthetic solutions, where each unit is a stand-alone artificial intelligence.
  • The obviously-synthetic Joes are actually less disquieting than human-resembling synthetics; people immediately know that they are dealing with an android instead of discovering that what they thought was a human being is actually a synthetic. As the Joes themselves often say, "You always know a Working Joe."

The majority of Working Joes are the standard model, identifiable by their industrial overalls.

Many archive logs can be picked up in the station that mention the Joes. Some of them are advertisements whilst others are logs recorded by residents that either express a suspicion to them or portray them making a complaint regarding them. Seegson executive B. Ransome in particular, had recorded an angry message of him describing that he had been attacked by one in his apartment.


Also present on the station is a model easily identified by an even more unsettling and hoarse voice to the typical Joe and full body hazardous environment gear. They are only encountered around APOLLO's core and Reactor Maintenance. They are more resilient to damage received by firearms and craftable items, and are notably immune to the effects of EMP mines and the stun baton. However, they move at an even slower walking pace than the standard model, making them easier to evade.

Characteristics and Behavior

"You and I are going to have a talk about safety"
Working Joe synthetic in hostile mode (from Alien: Isolation)

The Working Joes possess little independent operating capacity and are completely subservient to the directives of their governing APOLLO A.I. they operate in two modes, identifiable by the color of their "eyes":

  • When a Joe's eyes glow white, the Joe is operating per normal parameters. Unless it finds the player in a restricted area or committing a breach of station protocol, it will acknowledge the player's presence but go about its own business (unless its business involves serving the player's immediate needs, like the Requisitions Android).
  • When a Joe's eyes glow red, the Joe is hostile. It will approach targets at a brisk walk and attack, grasping, striking, throwing and throttling them, doing damage until they are killed.

The Joe's polite attitudes and formal vocabulary are comically contrasted by their murderous intent when APOLLO overrided their primary synthetic programming.

Interactions with Xenomorphs

"Unidentified species."
―A Working Joe, to a Xenomorph (from Alien: Isolation)

If the Alien and a Working Joe encounter each other, neither the Alien nor the Joe will interact with each other physically; the Joe will go about its business and the Xenomorph will ignore the synthetic. This is likely because the Joe is seen as a simple piece of machinery to the Drone. However, the presence of a dismembered Synthetic in the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions lab module implies that there have been circumstances in which the Alien has attacked a Working Joe or vice versa.

Despite any programmed safeguards, a Joe will not act to protect human beings from the Alien.


Much like the Alien, Working Joes can be hidden from. Hiding under a table, desk or bed is less effective than against the Alien; Joes are more likely to keep line of sight with a player under a table and will kick them.

Lockers are also effective, although less so against hazardous environment Joes who are often slightly more aware of their surroundings than the regular model.

Working Joes are surprisingly resilient. Attacking at hand-to-hand range is very risky, as they are dexterous enough to catch most swings with a Maintenance Jack and punch back while holding the player in place.

Striking with a stun baton will temporarily short a regular Joe out, allowing the player enough time to kill them with just the Maintenance Jack, even if the Joe has full health. Similarly, the EMP mine will cripple any Joes in its blast radius.

Shots from a .357 Revolver, even to the head, are unlikely to do destructive damage, although three or four headshots will typically bring a standard Joe down. A shotgun is a better choice when available, requiring 1 or 2 headshots to kill a standard Joe. A flamethrower or Molotov will set a Joe alight but will likely not kill it as Joes are very resistant to fire. However, although not recommended due to the amount of flamethrower fuel required, continuously firing the flamethrower at a Joe will eventually kill it. During the time they are on fire, though, the Joes can still attack the player as they would normally.

An effective strategy when combating a regular Joe is to shoot it directly in the head with a revolver or shotgun, stunning them, and then hit it with the maintenance jack. This process can save ammunition as well as inch in some extra damage to the Joe. This strategy is actually able to down a normal Joe in one shot when using the shotgun, even on the hardest difficulty.

Hazardous environment Joes are much tougher but walk at a much slower pace than a regular Joe. EMP mines, stun batons, flamethrowers and Molotovs will have little to no effect on them. Revolvers are also a poor choice when faced with them, though around 8 or 9 shots to the head should kill them on the normal difficulty. Shotguns are an okay choice, requiring around 3 or 4 shots to the head to kill them on normal difficulties.

Hazardous environment Joes are also more capable of spotting the player from far distances as well as immediately give chase without hesitation (the regular Joe is initially more likely to become suspicious before beginning a chase, giving the player the opportunity to hide before the the Joe actually notices them). When looking for the player, they will search for them for a significantly longer duration than normal Joes.

Unfortunately, the "one-two punch" strategy will not work against Hazardous environment Joes as they will immediately grab the player regardless of being shot.

The most effective anti-Joe weapon is the bolt gun as it will down any Joe of either variant with a single clean headshot.

Many Joes are seen lying on the floor, playing dead. When the player walks over them, they will jump to life and grab the player. These Joes can be easily identified as their LED eyes are still shining and their bodies can't be looted.

When the player begins backtracking through the station in an area that doesn't progress the story, a Working Joe or two may spawn in that area.

A noteworthy fact is that while the player can kill Joes, other armed survivors can't. It is advisable to stay away from armed survivors being attacked by Joes, however, as they will still open fire on the synthetics and possibly kill the player via collateral damage. Not to mention, Joes will immediately turn their attention toward the player if they notice them.

Death animations

When Amanda is grabbed by a Working Joe, a QTE will unfold with the player having to mash a button to escape from the Joe's grasp. If the player is on extremely low health, then the Joe may go into an animation where it immediately kills Amanda.

  • The Joe grabs hold of Amanda and continuously punches her. If Amanda fails to escape then the Joe will strike her a final time, presumably killing her (Failed QTE).
  • The Joe grabs Amanda and begins throttling her. If Amanda fails to escape then the Joe will add enough pressure to break her neck. (Failed QTE).
  • The downed Joe grabs Amanda's leg. If Amanda fails to escape then it trips her, crawls on-top of her and puts its hands over her throat. Amanda lets out a "fu-" before the Joe crushes her windpipe. (Failed QTE - only seen against a playing dead Working Joe).
  • The Joe grabs Amanda and violently throws her against a nearby wall. It then places its hands on her throat and throttles her. If Amanda fails to escape then the Joe will add enough pressure to break her neck, her lifeless body slumping against the wall. (Failed QTE).
  • The Joe grabs Amanda's Maintenance Jack, pushes her arm away and strikes her, presumably killing her. (Failed attempt to strike a Working Joe).
  • The Joe grabs Amanda's head and snaps her neck. (If player has low health).
  • The Joe grabs Amanda and strikes her to the ground with both fists. It then walks up to her and violently stomps on her head. As Amanda looks up, the Joe is seen putting a finger to its lips. Amanda lets out a scream before the Joe stomps on her head a second time, killing her. (If player has low health).
  • The Joe grabs the survivor's arm before striking it, presumably breaking it, and causing the survivor to fall to his or her knees while clutching their arm in pain. As the survivor looks up, the Joe calmly chops them on the throat and they collapse to the ground, dead. (Survivor).
  • The Joe grabs a survivor and throws them against a nearby wall before grabbing their throat and strangling them. As he or she tries to break free, the Joe adds enough pressure to snap the survivor's neck, killing them and causing their lifeless body to slump to the ground. (Survivor).
  • The Joe grabs Hughes and throws him against a wall. While he tries to recover, it grabs his head and continuously smashes it against the wall until he dies. (Only seen during a scripted event with Hughes).

Behind the Scenes

The Joes' crude look was inspired by 1970s resuscitation dummies.[1] The androids were originally intended to have brown, rubbery hair, but this was dropped in favor of the sleeker bald-headed design.[2]

The androids' behavior, and by extension Seegson's corporate policy, was inspired by a sign that Alien: Isolation writer Will Porter read in a North Carolina McDonald's restaurant in 1999 — 'Why not ask about our orange drink dispenser?'[3] This statement later evolved into the Joes' line, "Why not ask me about Sevastopol's safety protocols?" but more so struck Porter with its absurdity. "To me, this is the voice of Seegson," Porter later said in an interview. "An ineffectual boardroom (forever leaking talent to the likes of Weyland-Yutani) sending out nothing but self-deluding missives that have little to no use on Earth – let alone for the real people suffering on a dilapidated space station floating alone on the edge of space."[3] Fellow writer Dion Lay went on to explain the Joes' vocal patterns, likening them to "those automated messages you get when you phone a call center — the content of the words are polite and friendly but it's lacking any real sincerity".[3] The darkly comedic way these polite messages are often at odds with the Joes' murderous actions stemmed from Lay's love of cult British television, which often contained similar abstract, understated horror.


  • It was originally planned to have the Joes quote lines from Shakespeare in a malevolent manner, and this dialogue was even recorded for the game. However, it was ultimately decided it didn't fit with the game world and was cut.[4]
  • One of the Working Joe's many animations when standing still is one in which the Joe suddenly begins jogging on the spot for a second. This odd mannerism is a direct reference to the movie Alien and the character Ash, who does the same thing. Ash in turn uses some of the Working Joe's idle animations in his depiction in the game.
  • In Seegson Synthetics, a dead body that is later identified to be Smythe can be found with a rolled up magazine down his throat, presumably done by a Working Joe. This is another direct reference to Ash as he attempts to kill Ripley in the same fashion.
  • Although they do not appear in the original print novel, Working Joes are mentioned numerous times in the audiobook version of Alien: Out of the Shadows. For example, when describing the nature of Ash to the crew of the Marion, Ellen Ripley says that the Science Officer "was not just a Working Joe, he was totally flawless, took us in".
  • The Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones appearing in the comic Aliens: Defiance are cosmetically very similar to Working Joes, although unlike Joes, these androids appear to possess their own personality and individuality, with at least one, Davis One, claiming to have broken free of his programming.


  • "What are you?" (Noticing the Xenomorph)
  • "Unidentified species." (Noticing the Xenomorph)
  • "Logging report to APOLLO." (Noticing the Xenomorph)
  • "Hazard containment breach logged." (Noticing the Xenomorph)
  • "How may I help you?" (Friendly)
  • "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." (Friendly)
  • "What do you need to know today?" (Friendly)
  • "I will be with you shortly." (Friendly)
  • "With Seegson, there is someone behind you. Helping you. Every single step of the way." (Friendly)
  • "Seegson and Sevastopol, an outpost of progress." (Friendly)
  • "APOLLO and the Working Joe. Working together for a safer, better connected Sevastopol." (Friendly)
  • "All visiting corporate representatives must report to their nearest synthetic." (Friendly)
  • "To laugh is to...Hmmm...Yes..." (Friendly)
  • "We hope you will join us for the journey." (Friendly)
  • "Seegson. Tomorrow, together." (Friendly)
  • "Are you lost?" (Friendly)
  • "You are carrying some dangerous items." (Friendly)
  • "Your presence has been logged." (Friendly)
  • "We don't forget the little details when seeing the big picture." (Friendly)
  • "Good day." (Friendly. Also heard when killing Hughes)
  • "You always know a Working Joe." (Friendly)
  • "If you find this facility in a state that isn't to your liking, please let us know." (Friendly)
  • "I am inexpensive. I am reliable. You know my face. The Working Joe." (Friendly)
  • "APOLLO is reporting a good service throughout Sevastopol." (Friendly)
  • "Seegson. Relentless in the pursuit of affordable quality." (Friendly)
  • "This is a Seegson assisted installation." (Friendly)
  • "Interested in our Working Joe android range? Talk to Seegson." (Friendly)
  • "If my services do not meet Seegson's standards, please log a complaint." (Friendly)
  • "We're experiencing a heightened containment hazard level today." (Friendly)
  • "Hmmm." (When noticing)
  • "Is anybody there?" (When noticing)
  • "Something amiss?" (When noticing)
  • "Hello? Who's there?" (When noticing)
  • "Strange." (When noticing)
  • "A weapon. I should investigate." (When noticing a weapon)
  • "I hope that weapon is registered." (When noticing a weapon)
  • "I assume you have a permit for that weapon." (When noticing a weapon)
  • "This is a break of multiple safety directives." (When noticing a weapon)
  • "Firearms can cause serious injury. Let me assist you." (When noticing a weapon)
  • "What was that sound? (When hearing a gunshot)
  • "I'll get to the bottom of this." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Who's responsible for this?" (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "This really won't do." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "This is impinging on my schedule." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "What are you playing at?" (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "Was that you?" (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "I've been very patient with you so far." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "I know that was you." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "Please stop this." (When noticing a flare, noisemaker etc. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "Another problem?" (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "A potential hazard." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "What's this?" (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "That's not a toy." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "This doesn't usually happen." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Who is responsible for this? Very irresponsible." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Does this belong to you?" (To the Xenomorph or fellow Joe when inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Did that belong to you?" (To the Xenomorph or fellow Joe when inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Would you like to tell me where this came from?" (To the Xenomorph or fellow Joe when inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "I'll assume that didn't combust all on its own." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "Somebodies made a mess." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "What have we here?" (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "This shouldn't be here." (When inspecting a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "What happened to you?" (When inspecting a dead Joe)
  • "I will inform APOLLO on you behalf." (When inspecting a dead Joe)
  • "Hmmm. Far beyond repair." (When inspecting a dead Joe)
  • "That was an expensive mistake." (When inspecting a dead Joe)
  • "You'll have to take responsibility for that." (When inspecting a dead Joe)
  • "Unprotected flames are extremely dangerous and entirely unadvisable." (When inspecting a flare)
  • "These items carry notable health risks when alight and inhaled (When inspecting a flare)
  • "Now. Where was I?" (Inspection finishes)
  • "I know you're there." (Investigating)
  • "Something still amiss here." (Investigating)
  • "I will find you, you know." (Investigating)
  • "Come out, come out, wherever you are." (Investigating)
  • "Seegson protocols demand that I find you immediately." (Investigating)
  • "So tiresome, come out please." (Investigating)
  • "Are you playing a game with me?" (Investigating)
  • "I need to speak to you." (Investigating)
  • "Now where did you go?" (Investigating)
  • "I'm sure this is a misunderstanding." (Investigating)
  • "This area is restricted, and I know you're here." (Investigating)
  • "APOLLO will require a detailed report." (Investigating)
  • "On-top of innumerable duties, now I have an interloper." (Investigating)
  • "Unexplained disturbances are most troubling." (Investigating)
  • "There could be someone who requires assistance." (Investigating)
  • "I'm not going anywhere. You might as well show yourself." (Investigating)
  • "I'm sure there's someone here." (Investigating)
  • "I've got all day you know." (Investigating)
  • "There's no reason to be shy". (Investigating)
  • "Whatever you are, wherever you're hiding, I am a very patient machine." (Investigating)
  • "I'm a very sophisticated machine. I will find you." (Investigating)
  • "I can't help you if I can't find you." (Investigating)
  • "When I find you we can discuss all this." (Investigating)
  • "I'll get to the bottom of all this." (Investigating)
  • "Seegson politely requests that you come back." (Investigating)
  • "I can wait. I can wait for you for a very long time." (Investigating)
  • "Now, where did you go?" (Investigating)
  • "It appears to be coming from the vents." (Investigating when player is in ventilation shafts)
  • "Come out of the vent system please." (Investigating when player is in ventilation shafts)
  • You're not allowed in there." (Investigating when player is in ventilation shafts)
  • "As I thought. Unfortunate." (Investigation finishes)
  • "A synthetic's work is never done." (Investigation finishes)
  • "A synthetic's day is never done." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Returning to assigned tasks." (Investigation finishes)
  • "I am required by APOLLO. Aborting search." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Existing tasks have a higher priority." (Investigation finishes)
  • "A wild goose chase. As suspected." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Core duties have been neglected. For no gain." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Abandoning search routines." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Another clear waste of Seegson's time." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Your failed support request has been logged with APOLLO." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Back to work." (Investigation finishes)
  • "A pity I couldn't be of service" (Investigation finishes)
  • "Hmmm...Time wasted yet again." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Gone. A waste of both our time." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Gone. How inconsiderate." (Investigation finishes)
  • "I only wanted to help." (Investigation finishes)
  • "Tch. Service support ticket removed from queue." (Investigation finishes)
  • "I've been looking for you." (Finding you hiding in a locker)
  • "Found you." (Finding you hiding in a locker)
  • "Come with me, please." (Begins chasing)
  • "Follow me, please." (Begins chasing)
  • "You shouldn't be here." (Begins chasing)
  • "You really shouldn't be here." (Begins chasing)
  • "What are you doing here?" (Begins chasing)
  • "This could require my attention." (Begins chasing. Also heard when noticing a flare, noisemaker etc)
  • "There. You're still here then." (Begins chasing. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "I knew you were still here. You're going to have to be more careful." (Begins chasing. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "Ah, there. You can't hide forever." (Begins chasing. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "I saw that. Are we playing a game? (Begins chasing. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "I heard that. You're getting careless." (Begins chasing. Only heard if Joe has encountered player more than once)
  • "You do not have an appointment." (Begins chasing. Only heard during scripted event)
  • "You need an appointment." (Begins chasing. Only heard during scripted event)
  • "This facility is off-limits to visitors, unless they are part of the Sevastopol sales tour." (Begins chasing. Only heard during scripted event)
  • "Running causes accidents." (Chasing)
  • "I don't understand what you're doing." (Chasing)
  • "I'll have to report this." (Chasing)
  • "This isn't authorized in this facility." (Chasing)
  • "It appears you and I have a problem." (Chasing)
  • "Don't run." (Chasing)
  • "This is a safety breach, and will not be tolerated." (Chasing)
  • "This is an entirely unauthorized alert, please stop interfering." (Chasing)
  • "You are testing my patience." (Chasing)
  • "I just want to help." (Chasing)
  • "I'm going to catch you." (Chasing)
  • "Why not ask me about Sevastopol's safety protocols?" (Chasing and friendly)
  • "You and I are going to have a talk about safety." (Chasing)
  • "You're making me waste company time." (Chasing and investigating)
  • "Let me help you." (Attacking)
  • "There's no need for this." (Attacking)
  • "You are becoming hysterical." (Attacking)
  • "Please, calm down." (Attacking)
  • "Are you quite finished?" (Getting attacked)
  • "Tut, tut." (Getting attacked. Also heard when attacking Hughes)
  • "Now, now." (Getting attacked)
  • "My turn now." (Getting attacked)
  • "That stings." (Getting attacked)
  • "This isn't the answer." (Getting attacked)
  • "This is futile." (Getting attacked)
  • "Unwarranted." (Getting attacked
  • "Don't do that." (Getting attacked)
  • "Really?" (Getting attacked)
  • "Only wild animals fear fire" (Getting attacked by flamethrower)
  • "I am built to withstand temperatures of up to 1210 degrees." (Getting attacked by flamethrower or molotov)
  • "That was irresponsible." (Getting attacked by flamethrower or molotov)
  • "Be careful with that." (Getting hit by a molotov)
  • "That was very dangerous." (Getting hit by a molotov)
  • "I cant see you." (Getting hit by a flashbang)
  • "I can't see you. Where are you?" (Getting hit by a flashbang)
  • "I am unable to locate you." (Getting hit by a flashbang)
  • "What is this?" (Getting hit by a flashbang)
  • "What's going on here?" (Getting hit by a flashbang)
  • "I'm glad we resolved this". (Killing a survivor)
  • "Hush now." (Killing a survivor)
  • "I only wanted to help." (Killing a survivor)
  • "Let's resolve this amicably." (Only heard when attacking Hughes)
  • "Hold still." (Killing a survivor. Also heard when killing Waits)
  • "You are entering a restricted area. Please leave." (Only heard during scripted event)
  • "Ripley, Amanda. You have now been logged with APOLLO. Welcome to Sevastopol." (Only heard during scripted event)
  • "All new employees must attend an emergency procedure training session. Talk to your line manager for induction times." (Only heard during scripted event)
  • "Log and store recording, Seegson access only." (Only heard during scripted event when Joe turns off Samuels' message)
  • "Components Warehouse. Row 1, stack B. Follow me." (Only heard during scripted event when Amanda asks a requisition android for a compression cylinder)
  • "Weyland-Yutani synthetic registered. Attempted unauthorized access." (Only heard during scripted event)
  • "Please congregate at your nearest Fire Assembly Point. This is not a drill. Do not panic" (Only heard during scripted event)
  • "To sleep, perchance to dream." (Gurgled when being killed)



Behind the scenes


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