a small winged Alien head chasing ripley through vent

The Winged Alien Head is a strange Xenomorph form resembling a Xenomorph head with wings. This enemy makes an appearance in Aliens (1990 video game).


After Newt was kidnapped by a winged Alien, Ripley decided to travel through the venelation system. Here, Ripley is confronted by this creature, accompanied by a Drone and a Facehugger. After Ripley defeated the egg-shaped alien, she gets (again) in the vents where this enemy reappears. They make one last appearance in the last Hive with other Xenomorphs to prevent Ripley from reaching the Queen.


Like many other enemies introduced by Konami, it is rare to see another Alien of this type. As its name suggest, it  is simply a winged Alien head composed by a simple Alien face and a pair of bat wings. Some are a clear brownish color while others are of a dark brown color.


They appear in small, cramped spaces. Some of them move in a slow and sluggish pace while others will fly aimlessly.

Futher Notes

  • The dark ones that appear the second time Ripley gets in the pipes could have been born from a bat.
  • These Aliens appears in small places like some birds and bats do.