"Congratulations on a successful buyout, Weyland-san..."
―An unnamed Yutani Corporation executive to Weyland (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Mr. Weyland was a corporate leader. In the year 2030, he bought out Borgia Industries after its major leaders, Hunter Borgia and his daughter Lucretia, were killed by the Yautja Scarface.


  • While no further details are given on Weyland in the game — indeed his face is never even seen — it seems likely that he is the CEO of Weyland Industries in 2030, as the company is mentioned by Lucretia as having an interest in Borgia Industries. Some fans have theorized that this Weyland is a descendant of Charles Bishop Weyland (who is also mentioned in the game) from the film Alien vs. Predator.
  • Mr. Weyland is the first and, to date, only Weyland character to appear in a solely Predator title (although Predator: Concrete Jungle also included a surprise cameo appearance by the Xenomorphs).



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