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An unnamed Warrior is the playable Xenomorph character in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2.

It was instrumental in expanding the Xenomorph infestation on LV-1201, rescuing the Empress, capturing Dr. Eisenberg, saving the Hive from being destroyed and killing multiple Yautja.


This Warrior came to be when a crate containing an Alien Egg fell to the floor which caused the Egg to open and release the Facehugger. The resulting creature stealthily crawled through vents and corridors to stalk Cisco, a POC (Primary Operation Complex) guard. When Cisco was alone in his room and having a nap the Facehugger leaped and attached to him, The Facehugger almost instantly subdued Cisco and impregnated him with a Chestburster that later erupts from his chest. It escaped out of a window and found its way into an animal pen where it presumably ate all the animals there. Now fully grown it began to kill many personnel in the POC on its rampage for freedom and escaped multiple traps set by the Colonial Marines , taking down a Predator on the way. 6 weeks later it assaulted the FOP (Forward Observation Pods) in an invasion. It then liberated the artificial hive, but the Empress was stolen during the invasion, and the Alien began to chase down the humans that stole it. While chasing the captors, the Alien met a second Predator, killed it, and climbed through a pipe that was opened due to the damage the Predator caused.

In the final Alien mission, the Alien began to attack the landing bay by itself. It battled multiple synthetics (some wielding M90 Miniguns and M56 Smartguns) and made its way to a large elevator shaft. Sneaking under the shaft, the Alien found a way to the landing bay control center and began destroying the machines that the incoming dropships need to have a safe landing. As it entered onto the landing pad, it was attacked by two Predators, both wielding Plasmacasters, Combisticks and Netguns, and killed both. After killing two officers and destroying the landing beacon, the Marine dropship spun out of control and crashed, while Dr. Eisenberg watched in dismay. Enraged, Eisenberg made one last, desperate attempt to take down the Alien, and was defeated. In the end, Eisenberg was captured and held in the Alien Hive, screaming, and the Alien watches with its Empress. The Alien's fate is unknown when the FOP was destroyed, but it most likely survived, since many Aliens were outside the FOP.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Displaying a significant level of aggression and intelligence, similar to Specimen 6 and Grid, this warrior was distinct from others in its pack because while receiving no direct prompts from the Queen, it is likely that it wanted to rescue her, even though it was not ordered to. However, Aliens are not required to be ordered to protect their Queen as its what they all do regardless. Also, while other Warriors would try and take threats head on, it takes them in a more indirect fashion, which allowed it to survive. It also managed to defeat four Predators on its own, though it fought one Predator on its own while the other two ambushed the Drone on the landing pad. While seemingly more intelligent and stronger than other Aliens it may not be the case, all Aliens may have the capacity for this intelligence and survival. It is noted during the campaign that this alien is more hostile then typical xenomorphs, and is also considered to be one-of-a-kind because it is the only known alien that would choose to simply kill a prey item, instead of incapacitating it and returning to the hive for impregnation. This particular behavior earned it a reputation above other Xenomorphs of LV-1201[citation needed]



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