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The Warrior awakening in the temple.

An unnamed Warrior is the playable Xenomorph character in the 1999 video game Aliens versus Predator.


The Warrior is woken from its hibernation by a series of loud gunshots and proceeds to make its way to the lower levels of the Yautja temple in which it had taken up residence. It encounters, and promptly slaughters, a number of Colonial Marines and scientists as it makes it way through the ancient temple.

Possessing an uncommon intelligence it stows aboard a Colonial Marine ship headed for the Weyland-Yutani owned Gateway Station which it successfully infiltrates. It then slaughters yet more marines, kills two Yautja, liberates a captive hive and stows away on a ship headed for Earth.

Trivia Edit

  • It is very similar to the playable Warrior from Aliens vs. Predator 2. Like its later counterpart it also shows heightened intelligence seen in its ability to plan its actions and successful stow away on multiple ships. It also shows heightened aggression in its bloody rampage across the Yautja Temple it had been hibernating in and Gateway Station where it killed numerous marines and two Yautja.


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