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W. "Chief" Porter
Biographical information

Chief Engineer

Physical description





Sevastopol Station


Deceased of December, 2137


W. Porter, better known as "Chief", was the chief engineer aboard Sevastopol Station.


At some point prior to the loss of authority on Sevastopol, Chief and a team of engineers were working on maintenance in the reactor level, attempting to correct a series of intermittent brownouts. While working, one of Chief's team vanished without a trace, the only possible exit route being the air vent. Though unnerved, Chief intended to continue working and report the incident to the Colonial Marshals.

Chief would later encounter the most likely culprit of his engineer's disappearing act when he spotted the Xenomorph Drone stalking down a corridor. Chief, incensed that the Marshals had not informed him of its presence, recorded the incident in an audio log.

When things began to go downhill for Sevastopol, Chief and Flores, one of his engineers, were still trapped on the reactor level. Chief dispatched a Working Joe in self-defense, then sent Flores a message to find somewhere safe and wait for the Chief to rescue him. To this end, Chief had fashioned a bolt gun from the tools and parts that were available to him. Another Working Joe killed him before he had the chance to use it.

Amanda Ripley would later discover his body and the bolt gun, which she would use for the rest of her time on Sevastopol.


  • W. "Chief" Porter's name is most likely a reference to Alien: Isolation writer Will Porter.



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