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Biographical information

Clan Leader/Elite

Physical description






Hair color

Black with Red rings


Serpent Clan

Notable Facts

works with various Predators and is a mercenary


The Viper Predator was a Yautja mercenary and the Clan Leader of the notorious Serpent Clan.

Viper is part of neca's 12th series line of toys and figure collections. Viper replaced the bad bloods though this series has since been discontinued.[1]

Biography Edit

Viper Predator is the leader of the notorious Serpent Clan, known throughout the Yautja underworld as the most skilled and brutal group of mercenaries. This clan includes his older brother, the Snake Predator. Specializing in Xenomorph hunts and the occasional clan war, Viper and his crew have but one code to follow: Finish Every Job.

When not on a mission, he has been known to target those possessing valuable tech or honor trophies, which are used for bartering or kept for the next job. Viper sometimes works with the elder Cracked Tusk on hunts. In return, the Serpent Clan receives weapons, bio-gear to endure jobs on foreign planets, and in some cases, personal transports such as the Blade Fighter vehicle. He also has been known on occasion to help Enforcers track down Bad Bloods in exchange for immunity from various crimes.[2]

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Dual Wrist Blades
  • Plasma Caster
  • Blade Fighter vehicle
  • Upgraded Bio-Gear
  • Bio-Mask



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