Vincent "Vince" Giarrano is an American comic book artist who worked on the comic Aliens: Renegade for Dark Horse Comics.


Born in Buffalo, NY in 1960, Giarrano received a BFA from SUNY at Buffalo in 1982 and an MFA from Syracuse University in 1985.

Giarrano has worked as a penciler and inker in the comics industry for the past two decades. His comics career has included work for the two industry leading publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics--though mostly for DC. He has also worked with smaller publishers such as Dark Horse and Impact Comics.

He is mostly known for his work with Batman at DC, where he's worked on a number of Batman titles and story arcs. He has also worked on other major characters though, including DC's Aquaman, Manhunter, Dr. Fate, and Doom Patrol; and Marvel's Spider-Man.

Also for Dark Horse, Giarrano has worked on The Terminator and Badlands series. He also worked on the company's Comics' Greatest World: Motorhead and Redblade series and produced the hard cover kid-friendly comic Pete and Moe Visit Professor Swizzle's Robots in 1996. (He’s also worked on children’s books for Nickelodeon and Simon and Shuster.)

There is generally some confusion as to Giaranno and writer Chris Claremont's story Renegade's place as an Aliens or AVP story, since no actual Aliens, Predators, or references to either franchise appear in the actual story itself.

However, the lead character of Ash Parnall is one of the main characters mentioned in the subsequent Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species and appears in a number of flashbacks. The story's place in the Aliens or AVP line was further established, though, by its eventual reprinting as Aliens: Renegade in Aliens magazine in the UK.

Giarrano also produced the how-to book Comics Crash Course in 2004 to positive reviews.

In recent years Giarrano has shifted his focus to his fine arts work and painting, and on his design-firm Giarrano Design, founded with his wife Kathleen. He has done solo and group exhibitions and freelance web and print design work and illustration for various clients. He has also won a number of art awards.


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