Victor the Chechen was the name of the cybernetic leader of the mercenary group The Machine Men. Victor was a Russian commando who was injured and lost his arm in a failed mission. The arm was replaced with a mechanical appendage, but Victor developed an addiction to mechanical enhancement, and became a fearsome cyborg. He gathered several like-minded individuals and formed The Machine Men. By 2030, they had garnered a reputation as fearsome mercenaries, and were under private contract to Lucretia Borgia.

In 2030, the Matadores boss El Hongo was being hunted by the Yautja Scarface, and called Lucretia for help. She ordered Victor and his crew to New Way Field, where The Machine Men waited for Scarface to arrive. The Yautja arrived, but made short work of Victor the Chechen, taking the leader's skull as a trophy.


  • It is implied that Lucretia and Victor had something of a romantic relationship, judging from Lucretia's reaction to discovering Victor's demise.



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