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Victor Drujiniu is a Romanian comic book artist who who worked on the comic adaptation Predators: Beating the Bullet for Dark Horse Comics.

Drujiniu got the art assignment for the Predators adaptation through his agent Shon C. Bury of Space Goat Productions, which represents Drujiniu.


The 29-year-old Drujiniu currently lives and works in Timisoar City, Romania creating comic book art for a number of American publishers.

Mostly self-taught as a comics artist, Drujiniu attended the Plugor Sándor High School of Arts in Saint George, Romania, graduating in 2000 and moving to Timisoara. There he attended the Arts Faculty at Western State University specializing in Pedagogoy of Arts.

Drujiniu recently started into the American comics market working with Zenescope Entertainment on their series Tales from Wonderland: Alice, Return to Wonderland: The Mad Hatter II, Grimm Fairy Tales and The Waking.

In 2010, with help from Bury and Space Goat, Drujiniu shifted to Dark Horse landing the Predators adaptation.

He also hopes to work with perennial comics power houses Marvel and DC Comics in the future.


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