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Vicky was a character in Aliens-Vampirella , she had log red hair and grey-blue eyes, she was part of the group that investigates the cavern beneath their base on mars only to discover Xenomorph eggs. Their proximity to the eggs caused the eggs to trigger. Vicky, Suse, Jake and Vampirella were then attacked and impregnated by Facehuggers. Vicky was killed when her Chestburster emerges.


Vicky was initially fine with Vampirella's presence but when she learned that they would be sealed for 48 hours due to quarantine, she feared Vampirella's nature, believing she would feed on them, she was reassured by her but moments later, most of the group including her, began convulsing as the incubating parasite hatched killing them all save Vampirella, who's condition allowed her to survive it.

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