Vick was a boy living on the colony world of Rim in 2179. He was the son of Russ and his wife Sarah and had a sister named Billie. He joined his parents and sister as they went to explore a strange crash site. He stayed with his sister while his parents went to go explore the crash. His mother came back dragging his father with a creature attached to his face. Vick perished in the ensuing Xenomorph infestation with his parents and every other colonist except his sister who was rescued by Colonial Marines. His death would continue to haunt his sister into adulthood with flashbacks and dreams.


Behind the scenes

Timmy Jorden

Vick was originally Timmy Jorden before Newt was scripted to die in Alien3.

Vick was originally intended to be Timmy Jorden as Billie was originally intended to be Newt; however, with Alien3's script choosing to kill Newt off, all members of the family were retconned into new characters while their storyline remained virtually intact.