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Vasquez's Smart Gun
Vasquez's Smartgun
Production information



General-purpose machine gun

Technical specifications


  • 122 cm
Feed system
  • 600-round drum
Fire mode(s)
  • Fully automatic
  • 4-round burst

Rotating breech, electronic pulse action

Rate of fire

1,200 rounds/min


1,500 metres effective




M56 Smartgun


Jenette Vasquez

Vasquez's Smartgun was Private Jenette Vasquez's M56 Smartgun that she used on the mission to LV-426. It appeared as a Legendary Weapon in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.



In Aliens, Vasquez's Smartgun is distinguishable from the standard M56 Smartgun due only to the "ADIOS" drawn on the right side of the weapon. Vasquez's Smartgun is otherwise identical to the standard M56.

Aliens: Colonial MarinesEdit

In Aliens: Colonial Marines, Vasquez's Smartgun is distinguishable from the standard M56 Smartgun due to the "ADIOS" drawn on the right side of the Smartgun (as in Aliens) and Vasquez's famous bandana which is wrapped around the forward hand grip of the weapon. Vasquez's Smartgun is otherwise identical to the standard M56. Vasquez's Smartgun is located in Mission 6: For Bella, and is therefore the fourth Legendary Weapon that can be obtained (not counting Ripley's Pulse Rifle). Like Frost's Flamethrower, Vasquez's Smartgun cannot be unlocked for permanent use in the campaign or multiplayer, and is discarded by Corporal Winter once all the 600 rounds of ammunition have been expended (although it reappears in the same location it was first found when replaying Mission 6).


  • Vasquez's Smartgun should have been destroyed when the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processing Plant exploded at the end of Aliens, yet it returns in Aliens: Colonial Marines. What's more, the weapon somehow found its way out of the Atmosphere Processor and over to the Origin Facility by the derelict ship, which is nowhere near Hadley's Hope; not only did the Colonial Marines in Aliens never go to the derelict, the Origin Facility did not even exist at the time of the film.
  • Vasquez's bandana is clearly not attached to the weapon in Aliens, as it remains on her head up until her death.
  • In the game, the weapon is called Vasquez's "Smart Gun". However, this is incorrect, as "Smartgun" is supposed to be a single word. The Brady Games Aliens: Colonial Marines guide, meanwhile, correctly uses "Smartgun".
  • When viewing the weapon in the game's Service Record Special Projects menu, it displays Vasquez's famous "Let's roooooooooock!" quote.
  • In the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the LSAT LMG has the word "ADIOS" written on the side of it in blue pen and "V4SQ33Z" can also be seen. This is an obvious reference to Vasquez and her M56.
    • The LSAT in the game also features a red ammo counter, similar to the one used by the Pulse Rifles. A red ammo counter was also added to the M59/B Smartgun in Aliens vs. Predator.






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