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Val Verde 1985

Flag of Val Verde according to 20th Century Fox movies that show it.

Val Verde is a country in Central America. Val Verde borders on Guatemala. In 1987, Val Verde was chosen as the grounds for a Hunt by the "Jungle Hunter" Yaujta of the Jungle Hunter Clan who was hoping to exploit the ongoing guerrilla war there.[1] This led it into conflict with several teams of elite American special forces engaged with the guerrillas, one of which was led by Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Val Verde is an entirely fictional country that was originally created for the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando, to avoid any possible diplomatic disputes from using real Central American country in the movie. It was subsequently re-used, perhaps as something of an inside joke, in Predator. The country went on to feature in several other films and TV series, including Supercarrier, Die Hard 2 and Adventure Inc..


  • Val Verde translates as "Green Valley".
  • In Predators, Isabelle recounts the events of Predator to the people on the Game Preserve Planet. However, she incorrectly states those events took place in Guatemala, not Val Verde (although Dutch's team was briefed in Guatemala at the beginning of the film).



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