Val Mayerik (born March 29, 1950) is an American comic book artist and fantasy painter who worked on the comics Dark Horse Classics - Predator: Jungle Tales and Predator: Bump in the Night for Dark Horse Comics.


Mayerik has been active in the comics field since the 1970s when he contributed to such popular horror comic magazines as Eerie, Creepy and the like. He also drew for Conan the Barbarian and painted cover art for Heavy Metal Magazine.

He eventually settled at Marvel Comics, becoming regular artist on the series Man-Thing and there co-creating his most-well known contribution to the comics field, the character of Howard the Duck, with writer Stever Gerber. Mayerik continued to pencil Man-Thing, Howard the Duck and other titles for years to come. He has also done roleplaying game and card game illustration for the likes of Magic: The Gathering.

Elsewhere, in the commercial arts area, Mayerik has done TV and commercial storyboarding and illustration.


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