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Xeno 2nd mouth attack


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It appears the CIA has deleted this post to prevent classified information regarding the ALIEN-HUMAN cloning agenda from being disclosed to the public!

The Background Edit

The backgorund is great! ;) But if you could find a way to not have to tile the picture and maybe still have it expanded across the normal black background, that would be great! ;) Nightmarizard (talk) (Contribs) 06:01, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

The background is indeed great, it is the AVP-R warrior correct? Things are starting to improve more and more each day. Most of candidates for deletion pages are now deleted, though I spared those that could be saved or reworked to fit in. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 10:22, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Halo4master Edit

Well, Halo4master does have some edting potnential. Let's keep a watch on him to see how well he contributes on this wiki. I'll inform The Cruentus and Ultimatex. Nightmarizard [Chat] 10:34, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Sure thing. Let's do it. Bman14 (Talk) (Contribs) (Edits) 12:47, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Prometheus' settingEdit

Hi, I don't know if you are able to do anything about it but some information on the page about the "Engineers" from "Prometheus" is wrong. The planet they went to would end up being the same one later visited by the Nostromo crew in the first film. Then later still the same planet the Colonial Marienes would kick ass on in the second installment. Which is referred to as "LV-426" not "LV-223. But in the end their all just entertainment, so whether I'm right or wrong it won't make a difference on anything. do I sound Synnical enough? ;)

As I said on my page, They are not on the same planet. Prometheus is on LV-223 and Aliens is on LV-426. Please sign your posts as well in future. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 16:06, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Thank you. Edit

Theirs a new article about the spiter alien. It shows that it has some good range capabilities. One other thing, I need to make some major changes to the Deacon page. It is revealed in the 3d blu-ray behind the scenes disc that the deacon is a type of Xenomorph. It has a specific name other than Deacon, it also has another nickname which is Silverfish.--WAVE (talk) (Contribs) 15:55, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

Decision not made yet. Edit

Ultimatex has not yet made his decision on the Tl154th matter (it was agreed that us admins will come together to decide, at least three of us has to be online at the same time to decide) You probably did not see it, its on ultimatex's page.

Tl154th was blocked for a reason (uncivil behavior and edit warring), those reasons and his previous bad behavior are all in the links on Ulitmatex's page.

Tl154th is the liar here, I never once accused him of stalking, I have no idea where he is getting all this and in fact he has accused people of stalking him and when I asked about it, he told me to mind my own business, I ask that you do not to simply trust his info and look at pages yourself, wikia central should do the same to as no admin should simply take someone's word, they should see things for themselves and here is the link so you can see most of what he had done recent and past.

The link:

I am reblocking him as ultimatex has not made a decision yet and neither has there been three admins on at the same time to decide. So far he is using other wikis to try and convince you all to allow him back, this is disrespectful to those wikis, p.s he has gone onto ulitmatex's talk pages on other wikis to try and come back on, so you are not the first. Remember what I said, don't take his word which could possibly and likely be distorted and false, do not take mine either, just look at the links and his behavior. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 21:14, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

I think a good idea is this: When there are three of us on at once, we should start a Private Chat and discuss it. I think that an open talk between multiple admins would be the best way to settle it.

If you have thoughts, or even have a new idea, simply suggest it. I'm not against anything. But I do agree that a desicion between multiple admins involved would be best.

Bman14 Xenomorph IconBman14 [talk] [contribs] [edits] [x] 20:29, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

Indeed chat would be easier to talk with, we need at least three admins online and on there to make the decision. I'm usually always active so that is one, troopdude is on every now and again, you're recently active again but everyone must be on at the same time. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 20:40, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

The postEdit

Right I am going to clear some things up here, I will not post again on another wiki as bringing another wiki's troubles to another is rude and disrespectful. Now I will be adding my side in between the words so it won't be at the bottom so becareful to not overlook.

Tl154th: Bman14, my name is WAVE aka TI154th. If you have already red this I am sorry. I was a major editor and canon commissar on the Alien vs Predator wiki. Bad   things have happened. Before I continue I want you to read this, this was written to me by bert from wiki community central, I asked for his help he and his team have read everything on the wiki including my links. This is what bert said about The Cruentues  [1] Please take in mind as I posted above the link show bert saying that some of the things that The Cruenteus does is not productive. Please keep a open mind to what I am saying.  

My response: Wikia central likely only got his version of events. 

Tl154th: To make a long story short. I was offended by a blog on that wiki that had a guy trying to decanonize AvP and all the other canon mediums, games, novels, comics. He did it in a rude way, and he used troll logic, example saying that the first avp takes place really in Indonesia and not the antiartice because the editors did give the actors hot breath in the scenes, I hope you see the weirdness of this comment.

My response: Calling someone a troll or saying they are using troll logic is offensive and a personal insult which is against the rules. Bman14 ,out of the two of them, only Tl154th outrighted insulted someone, daniel large did not, he simply made a blog that Tl154th did not like. (the blog's subject was a sensitive one though so I monitored it) Also daniel large was making a mock scenario between fans, out of everyone on the wiki only Tl154th was offended yet he happily participated and tried  to "correct" daniel, when he could not he started with the insults, then he came onto my talk page and tried to threaten me into blocking him which is not the behavior of a decent member. 

Tl154th: Another user in that blog made a very hostile or at the very least strange comment about me being killed which is wrong on all levels, I don't like people talking about me being killed. I warned him about that comment. Well the admin The Cruentues threatened me with a block but not the people making really offensive comments. I felt this was a conflict of interest because he himself wants the movies to be retconed.   

My Response: Actually what he said was that if he(Tl154th) were to say something (cannot remember what ) to certain hardcore fans, then he would likely end up buried in the backyard. The poster himself did not actually threaten to kill him. What you must remember Bman is that some people can take what others say as offensive very easily even when they are not and unless it is indeed an outright insult i.e "you're a troll or jump off a bridge and die" etc. then its not much one can do. I did warn Werebereus though as he made a nasty comment to Tl154th.  I cannot remember much about the blog as most of the replies were between daniel large and Tl154th but the other poster was on about star wars I believe. I am not biased, especially when comes to the wiki as sources matter to me and not personal preferences.  

Tl154th: I tried to report him and the user that made the offensive blog too the head bureaucrat.  The Cruentues interfered with my message too the head bureaucrat. If I could have made a private message to the head bureaucrat I would not have been blocked. I was blocked because The Cruentues would not leave me alone, even after I told him to not talk to me. He provoked me into saying some offensive things but at this point he had told me I wasn't offended by being called a AvP fanboy over and over agian. Here is a link to that blog.   [2] Here is a link to my request to the head bureaucrat [3]  

My response: I did not provoke anyone, He simply got angry because he could not threaten me into dealing with Daniel large. When he did go on nightmarizard's page, I indeed posted on it as well to ensure it would not be biased or distorted (Tl154th has a habit of presuming and making false assumption)  He was blocked because nightmarizard agreed that Tl154th made an insult and thus personal attack.Bman, insulting someone is against the rules and thus it was within my rights to block him, I gave him a warning first which he ignored. Anger is no excuse to hurl insults, remember that.  

Tl154th: The guy would take my posts and use them in his blog but edit them as being AvP fanboy. I find that offensive, and I find it more offensive that I was told by The Cruentues that I was not offended.  

My response: Now this is ridicules, he was not an admin so he could not have edited his posts and even if that was possible (not sure if blog creators can edit other people's posts), Tl154th never mentioned such a thing in his complaint to nightmarizard. (as far as I remember, I shall double check and if possible see if I can see the blog comments and the history if it was not completely deleted) Also I never he was not offended, I believe he did not like daniel large one bit and so was offended by his opinions. 

Tl154th: The head bureaucrat let me come back but when I started editing, The Cruentues started reverting most of my edits, I felt this was a militias attack at me. I sent a help request to wiki community central for help. I let him "The Cruentues know that I did that" that is when he started erasing my information on his talk page that was their to defend me and convict him. He would erase it and replace it with false accusations at me. It was not right that he deleted public records so I reverted his edits. He then blocked me for infinity again. 

My Response: Actually I reverted his edits because he refused to provide sources,reverting non-confirmed info is allowed and is pretty much what we should all be doing if we cannot find sources. As for deleting his posts on my talk page, I said this dozens of times now, it was to prevent further arguments also I never replace it with any false info, just my own replies. By deleting his posts I was hoping we would have nothing to reply to and thus no more arguing....his continued arguing is what landed him is permanent block ( he has been blocked many times, more than three times) three strike rule.  

Tl154th: I was able to talk to Ultimatex technically the highest ranked person active on the wiki. They unblocked me. The Cruentues stepped in and convinced him to block me again. All the information I am about to give you I gave Ultimatex, which in tern "The Cruenttes" told him not to look at and only look at the block log which should send up red flags right their. Ultimatex is so intmedated about what has happend now I think he is not comming back to the avpwiki. 

My Response: I told Ultimatex the same thing I told you bman, to look at his history and previous uncivil behavior on other pages past and recent. Look at those links I sent you. I never told Ulitimatex not to look at his links, I said to him that he should not have to listen to him or ME but look at the evidence himself on the pages here, I sent him links to a few pages were Tl154th has been argumentive and even threatened someone. Bman, how many times can someone be blocked before it is clear they won't change? The three strike rule is the way to go and  Tl154th has been blocked much more than three (five blocks were by the old admin) his last block had to be permanent to prevent further and future disruptions. Ulitmatex has nothing to fear, he rightfully belongs here on this wiki and it is up to him on what he wants to do.  

Tl154th: This is a list of other things The Cruentues has done to me and one other user. This has reference links too. *Has denied me having a stalker. This stalker came from websites outside of the wikis. *He has followed other users comments esp ones that are trying to report him and he fills up that admins page with his argument.[4]  

My response: I never denied it as I, just like any decent admin do not and will not take someone's word straight away, I asked about it and Tl154th pretty much told me to mind my own business (this is on my talk page I think)Only Tl154th has tried to report me, no one else did so I have no idea what he is talking about, as for the messages I leave on admins pages, I believe it is respectful to let other admins know what you are doing.  

Tl154th: *He lies to manipulate things like for example claiming I am a bad person, that I have stalked alot of users on the lion king wiki. He knows that they are all one guy and that we did an ip address check on him there, we had no admin active at the time, both groups of people, really just one guy, where on both wikis that one had an active admin. This guy is a bad guy on that wiki he attacks and scream at everyone, if you do something nice he will say "&*@! off white knight" and has made threats about children at himself, I know that sounds strange but he threatened his sockpupet.  

My response: Actually I said werebereus said he (Tl154th) was stalking them, I never said Tl154th was stalking people. This was in reply to him saying someone was stalking him.Tl154th claims werebereus is another person, maybe its true maybe its not, He never gave me any evidence. 


Tl154th:*The Cruentues has called me stupid, delusional, a lair. which is against the rules. This link bellow leads to the page that I had written to defend myself that Wiki Community Central saw, the one next to it is full of slander. [9][10]
 My response: I don't remember about the stupid part but its true, I did say he was likely delusional, the reason why is that he is making things up as usual, he calls us canon breakers, corrupt and tyrannical (all insults) also reckons I don't like avp (Actually I do, its great) which is not really relevant since personal bias has no place on this wiki. He is indeed a liar, and if he thinks that is an insult then he should stop saying it himself because that is hypocritical.  

 Tl154th: Please help me. Unblock me, I have worked real hard on this wiki, I have also defended it from many vandals. This is the reason why I didn't quote unquote walk away from the trolls blog. The fan base is pushing us off our own websites. Look at avpgalaxy, look at youtube. You say you like those things or try to prove they are canon you will be called every dark horrible thing under the sun. This wiki is one of the few places we have left I will defended it, the others are for all intense and purposes lost... =[ Please take a serous look at all the things done and said. I really did feel like I was being attacked the 2nd time I came back by The Cruentues, and he has done bad/wrong things just as Bert has said. 

My Response: He went around as a self styled "enforcer" and bashed people's opinions which they have the right to have. He believed he was "correcting" them but he was forcing his views down their throats which is very disrespectful. He knowingly broke the rules, I warned him to walk away instead of arguing but he reasons tha those that walk away are spinless cowards. A nasty comment indeed. It is not cowardice to walk away from an argument or someone who could be a troll, it is common sense and it preserves the peace, what one should do if they come up against a suspected troll it report them, not insult them.Wikipedia rules say never to call someone a name even if they are what you call them. So if daniel large was a troll which I doubt, calling him a troll would still be against the rules.  

 Tl154th: The Cruentes will tell you only to look at my block logs which is misleading, you have to read the whole story. My other blocks except for ONE where unjust. Wereberues went nuts on our wiki because I keeped the predalien page canonicle correct. When I say nuts I mean it. The head admin at the time controlled like 5 wikis he could not keep up with all that was going on. He assumed I was fighting just as bad as Wereberues. Most the time I SAID NOTHING TO WEREBERUES. After we both got the year long block I got the head guy to really look at what was going on. He unblocked me. I was found innocent. That stuff that I just said has references in the link above here it is again.  [11] Just as bert told me this is a very complex situation. Please unblock me, you guys need me, and I fought hard for that wiki. And you will not find a big expert on the Intervacius-Raptus.--WAVE (talk) 20:03, October 22, 2012 (UTC) 

My response: As I said look at the links I put on Ultimatex's page, you will see the "whole story" then and you can check the block log. Tl154th argued with many members and its all in the links, actually I think there more in this wiki which I will try and find. 

Your posts now bman.

  Bman: I have been watching all of those posts since they first started popping up. I can definately see where you are coming from on all of these points. Also, I remember the AvP Non-Cannon blog. Even though it is gone now, I agree that it was offensive. And regarding The Cruentus, I agree that what he did was unfair and wrong. I have read everything you linked to, and I think the evidence is clear: Your block was wrongful. 

My response: you have not read everything and you are getting a one sided possibly distorted version of events, Read for yourself in the link I gave above. I was within my rights to warn and block him. When someone breaks the rules Bman, you have to do something about it, I shall post the rules on your profile page later, let them act as guidelines. I keep the rules on my profile page.  

 Bman: You will be un-blocked ASAP. We need fighters for the wiki, and I think you will continue to be a great contributor to the AvP wiki. We are carrying out a new project that involves citing info, removing spam and vandal influences, and cannon issues.  

My response: We do not need biased people with a history of bad behavior, we can not just unblock someone because they claim to be able to save the wiki. We are admins, its our responsibility to help the wiki and if members are part of the problem (edit warring, uncivil behavior) we warn and block them and it is what I did. Besides it us to be three active online admins to decide if he can come back on or not or Ultimatex's. We do not need fighters ( especially uncivil ones), we need respectful members who is non biased and will provide sources.    

Bman: If you ever have problems regarding the wiki/users, report it to my talk page here or over at the AvP wiki. Or, request a PM in the chat, and we can do it there. Again, you will be un-blocked ASAP. My main word of advice is: If a user is giving you trouble, report them to ME. not Cruentus. Also, don't confront them yourself, as that might lead to future trouble. I will deal with them. Hope to see you around the AvP wiki :) Bman14 Xenomorph IconBman14 [talk] [contribs] [edits] [x] 23:45, October 22, 2012 (UTC) Well I said my piece in there, remember to look at the links and then ask yourself if someone that has been involved in so many disputes and has had more chances than anyone deserves, should be back on. P.s sorry if this is screwed up, this went wrong when I pasted it here  The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 22:58, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry to bother you again but this is becoming sad, we have rules for a reason and it does not matter if one has good reasons or is right, and argument is still an argument and thus is uncivil behavior and against the rules.

POST 2Edit

He just blocked me again And he is posting false information.

These are his links that he is using to prosecute me but their is a major error in what he is doing. That error is that he is lying. I am going to report this to wiki central but I need your help again and you need to see this.

His first link is this [12]

And no one is fighting in it... Yet The Cruentuss says I am...? This is a bold faced lie.

My response: That was taken out of context, I said to ultimatex when I gave the link "from that section down" which I put right next to the link, meaning ultimatex should look from section riverjack downwards.

His 2nd link: [13] Is meaning less because at the time the head admin thought we where both fighting each other. We weren't it was all him "Wereberues"

My Response: The point of this was to show he has indeed been blocked. Werebereus was just as bad and quite aggressive.

His 3rd link: [14]

Is about the only legit one, and even then I had good reason to suspect this guy as a user from a really bad website that is well know for the creative writer to encourage stalking and harassment. Infact it is one of these people that is stalking me.

My response: There is no excuse or good reason for threatening someone and being uncivil, one must never insult back or threaten. Report or ignore is the only options unless an admins sees the behavior themselves and deals with it then. Before you get the wrong idea, bman, I am not saying Tl154th is the only uncivil one in the past posts, the arguing was coming from others too.

His 4th link: [15] Is more of nothing, this guy is the guy that caused tons of trouble "Wereberues." All I did was tell him the truth.

My Response: Arguing is arguing, it does not matter who is right or not. it is uncivil behavior and that is against the rules.

His 5th link [16] Is bunk because he caused to problem. He would not leave me alone. I had every rite to report him and he snowballed my report.

My response: I added what I saw and I made sure he was not being biased and as a witness, it was my obligation to put in what I saw. This is the link where Tl154th threatened me into dealing with someone, disgusting that was. Daniel was the blog creater, he has the right to reply to comments, if Tl154th wanted to be left alone and not replied to then he should have said...guess what? he did not, in fact it is more like Tl154th would not stop commenting and replying ( I did warn him preemptively that he should walk away before things get heated) and then it all spiraled out of control. Daniel large deleted his blog to prevent further uncivil behavior.

Oh and this is rich because this is also a lie. He said and I quote

Cadmium himself blocked Tl154th a total of five times, which means he has had two more chances than anyone's ought to have (three strike rule). Now back to more links. Unquote

[17] This is the block log. I was blocked 3 times one time it was simi valid. The other times it was when he was not around and was adminig for up to five wikis. This was around the time Wereberues attacked. You will also notice his 2nd to last quote unquote block was to adjust my block. Its kinda hard to be blocked for a year twice in one day when you are already blocked.

04:22, June 23, 2011 CadmiumX99 (Talk | contribs) changed block settings for TI154th (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 2012-06-23T04:19:06Z (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked, cannot edit own talk page) (Disregarding Warnings) 04:19, June 23, 2011 CadmiumX99 (Talk | contribs) blocked TI154th (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked) (Disregarding Warnings)

My response: Just doublechecked, cadmium blocked him three times, he was right there but still, three times bman. usually the third is supposed to be permanent, the fact is, he has been uncivil, its all there in the pages, he has used threats and so on. Now I ask, if someone was being uncivil and had a history of doing so, and you warned them but they continued to do be uncivil. Would you block them?

Its up to you who you choose to believe bman, No hard feelings here if you believe him, none against Tl154th either but you should read everything and when we can get another admin as the same time as us, we can make a decision. I won't put anymore posts here now, he can say what he wants. If I find more links of incidents, I'll post them. I'm not perfect, I never will nor have said I am but I always put the wiki and rules before personal feelings, if someone breaks the rules then they have to be warned and blocked if they ignore it. Sorry you got dragged into this awful mess but you were not the only one, Ultimatex was dragged in as well, Bert from wikia was the one who actually suggested that us admins sort it out together and so we should, we need at the very least three admins online and we need to discuss this and decide. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 00:31, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

I am very sorry if my unblock was "wrong". This is my first wiki that I am an Admin on, and I'm still trying to get the hang of everything. That might clarify the unblocking, I'm still hazy on the rules regarding the blocks.

I will do more reading over the rules regarding blocking and the uncivil behavior.

I will also take some time and read over all of these posts. It might take a few days, though, as I will be busy for a bit.

I think that we should set a date for a Chat desicion with the other admins in the future. That would be the easiest and most comfortable way to settle this. Bman14 Xenomorph IconBman14 [talk] [contribs] [edits] [x] 01:54, October 26, 2012 (UTC)

No problem at all mate, you did what you thought was right with what you were told, Wave talked to ultimatex before you and he did the same as well. If you wish, I can paste the rules on to your profile page, they can help remind you of them and act as guidelines if you're stuck. I have them on my profile page. Good call on the time set thing, I agree we should do that as just waiting around for all of us to be on at the same time is going to take awhile and I would like this over with so that we can continue with the wiki projects. Since Troopdude is active, set a day on his profile, mine too but only the day should be put down, not the time as we may all come from different time zones. Take your time reading through everything, let me know when you are done and we can set a day then. The Cruentus (talk) (Contribs) 10:28, October 26, 2012 (UTC)

his counter and our future projects Edit

He has made another response to you, honestly I really do feel sorry for anyone or admin that gets caught up in this. I said I was not going to bother responding here to his long posts and I am not really going to, I have nothing to hide, you can see everything yourself and that my friend is the point, admins should look at things themselves. what I will do though is ask you to look at stuff for yourself.

when one or two people argue, don't simply listen to either of them as they always have a side to their story which may or may not be the truth. So we are still going ahead with the decision in the place you said as soon as we can get some admins online at the same time. Its your choice who you want to believe bman, I ain't going to go around spamming everyone/admin's talk page on different wikis to try and influence you. Use your eyes and read the words of links for yourself both his and mine if need be. he can spout off all the mistruths or what he believes all he wants but at the end of the day, his fate is tied to three admins who will make the decision. its to be sorted out between us all and not by one admin. the decision will be final, if WAVE does not agree to this then he has no respect for any of us at all. As admin, I never use bias and I frown upon it, wiki have to be neutral even if the members are fans, I judge not through friendship, love or hate but by what I see. Example, I do not hate Tl154th at all, he is a disruptive member and a persistant one at that but I do not hate him.

One thing to take in mind too, a fanboy or fangirl (which means hardcore passionate fan) is not an insult by itself but it is how it is said that matters. One can call themselves a fanboy etc. DL used the term to make a mock scenario between fans, I did not really approve as the blog's subject (canon issue, no suprise) is very sensitive, but daniel large did not OUTRIGHT insult someone nor was it aimed at anyone. Before it went out of control I did gave everyone participating in it a message to not let it get out of hand to walkaway if things got heated.

I will say this though, his constant claims that I hate avp is not only ridicules but sad, I enjoyed avp and the rest of the franchise, I just did not like the second film, requiem, we all have our tastes in movies and the second one was not to my mine, I do believe it should be rebooted as it is canon which means what happened...well happened.

Now lets think past this mess and ask ourselves, what are we going to do avp wiki? after all a wiki should not stop functioning because of someone's displeasure. Do you still want to check through all those photos? if so just let me know and I shall help. I will make a new blog soon with a list of things to do that the avp wiki needs and a sign off for those who wish to take part. any ideas to put before I go ahead and create it? p.s as I said before canon is a sensitive subject similar to religion and politics which means lots of flame wars, insults and other bad stuff, so should we disallow the topic of canon in blogs? or at the least heavily monitor them and give preemtive warnings to members to not let it get out of hand?

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