• Zharksman

    Canon or not.

    January 23, 2012 by Zharksman

    Hello people, You guys have most likley have heard of that fan film Batman DeadEnd Correct? Well people say that superhero and AvP crossovers can't be canon. Why? The Alien and Predators are aliens from other worlds. A predator can find superman and hunt him, spiderman can be stuck in an alien hive out of no where. Look my point is, is that the AvP canon universe can grow and spread to as much as Judge Dredd! A fannon is a fan made canon for a story. Yet, AvP fanons can actually be true canon stories! Just think, maybe during AvP the predator ship in antartica might have stumbled across Captain America's Icey Chamber! Really really think hard, fanon in AvP can in fact be real canon, no matter how far fetched. As Stan Winston said "I don't …

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