For those who don't get the reference in the title, here you go.

So I figure it's worth laying down some "ground rules" for my continuity fixes, as well as some other explanations.

1. I take damn near everything as canon. There's some exceptions to this: the Aliens coin-op arcade game, for example, or the Alien3 console games - I'm willing to accept "Alien 3: The Gun", though. Also, inter-company crossovers like Batman vs Predator are out, but I still might indirectly cover them in a later blog post. You'll notice I didn't say I didn't count the Kenner toy mini-comics. :P

2. I see the AvP "canon" as a very malleable entity and open to a lot of interpretation, due in no small part to the minor (and occasionally major) continuity flubs that crop up, and by and large I try to be as "inclusionist" as possible. Which version of 'Alien3' is "true"? Both! We just don't know which one is the *real* truth, so it's sort of a Schroedinger's Cat scenario.

3. A not insignificant portion of these fixes will be my own personal opinion, extrapolation, or speculation. If that's going to annoy you, this blog is probably not for you.

4. Some of these fixes are works-in-progress, stuff off the top of my head. They might not be airtight, and could use some refinement. I'll still try and cite actual sources where possible, though. Be warned: while I do own every book, comic, game, toy, T-shirt, plush facehugger, and drink coaster, a very significant chunk of my collection is currently outside my reach for the time being, so I'll be working from memory. If I'm mis-remembering something, by all means correct me.

5. I do not care very much about authorial intent, or if my ideas jive with them. You can quote Ridley Scott/Joss Whedon/Mark Verheiden/The Brothers Strause until you're blue in the face, but at the end of the day I'm of the opinion that their opinion is exactly that: an opinion, and has as much validity as mine or anyone else's. this is a significant school of thought when it comes to art, and while not everyone subscribes to it, I'm totally willing to when it's convenient. While I do care what an author thinks about their own work, I do not consider it the be-all end-all or anything resembling objective truth. If that's going to annoy you, this blog is probably not for you.

6. I won't deny that I often play it fast and loose with continuity, and I've got a threshold where I'll outright ignore a small piece of data for the sake of the larger whole. There's one line in 'Alien Resurrection' that seems to negate just about the entirety of the expanded universe, and I am more than willing to creatively interpret that one line. Contradictions might come up where I'll just say "Yes that's a contradiction, but it's stupid to fixate on it and you should overlook it and pretend it doesn't exist." I'll likely do a blog post with some examples of stuff like that at some point.

7. Retcons happen, but I'm way more inclined to find a way to work with a retcon to allow as much data from as many sources as possible to "survive" the retcon roughly intact, rather than saying "Oops, guess __________ isn't true anymore!"

So that's a basic rundown of what you can expect. Some blog posts will be longer than others, as some ideas are easier to explain.