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  • Xenomrph

    Tonight's topic is... Space Jockeys, and Engineers.

    The Setup: The Space Jockey, the big corpse seen in 'Alien', was one of the big mysteries in the movie. What was his story? Were there more of his kind? What's their connection to the Aliens? Ultimately they're never seen again in the Alien movies, but the expanded universe (EU) didn't leave that topic untouched. One shows up as early as the first sequel comic series from Dark Horse Comics, and then they've shown up intermittently throughout the comic series. They also play a reasonably prominent role in the novel 'Aliens: Original Sin', set after 'Alien Resurrection', where it's revealed that their species name is the "Mala'Kak" and that they're generally jerks. This is reasonably consist…

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  • Xenomrph

    For those who don't get the reference in the title, here you go.

    So I figure it's worth laying down some "ground rules" for my continuity fixes, as well as some other explanations.

    1. I take damn near everything as canon. There's some exceptions to this: the Aliens coin-op arcade game, for example, or the Alien3 console games - I'm willing to accept "Alien 3: The Gun", though. Also, inter-company crossovers like Batman vs Predator are out, but I still might indirectly cover them in a later blog post. You'll notice I didn't say I didn't count the Kenner toy mini-comics. :P

    2. I see the AvP "canon" as a very malleable entity and open to a lot of interpretation, due in no small part to the minor (and occasionally major) continuity flubs that cro…

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  • Xenomrph

    I'm big on patching up continuity flubs, so if people want to post contradictions (major or minor) here, I can give them a go and see if I can come up with a solution. I'll source data as best I can when possible, and point out when it's my own theory/speculation/interpretation. Hey, might be fun, right?

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