The sticky hell of xenomorph prime. Well as you may know xenomorph prime is massively hive controlled planet, I'm going to talk about a possible invasion by the humans and Predators. At the end of the new avp game it shows that the humans and Predators head to xenomorph prime, in the event that they invade i have a theory that the humans will wait for the Predators to attack first. In the beginning of this invasion the Predators would likely plasma blast multiple areas on the surface of the planet and then send down dozens of warriors and assist them by using plasma casters on the ship. Once they secure an area on the planet (after several days or weeks) they will probably encounter an elite colonial marine strike force which would land outside the secure zone, but by the time they encounter the marines the marines would be almost entirely wiped out. These marines that were killed were a test wave of a larger force that would soon launch a missle strike spreading over a large area so they would have a half hour or so to set up a camp and put up defenses that would only slow the rage of aliens that would consume them and the Predators. But before they would die they would be consumed by fear and retreat to the dark tunnles of the planet and eventually discover the cruel secret of the alien home world.