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December 23, 2010
  • Xenofav

    In this post i'm going to talk about what my basic rules are against xenomorphs. The marines as we know them have some equipment that anyone could use and could easily use. The tactics i think would be helpful are basic and effective, number 1: use cqb weapons and trip mines for defense at all times. Number 2: never use long range weapons in alien areas (since they are likely in rooms, hallways, tunnles, or caves). Number 3: use long lasting durable weapons with either an underslung shotgun or grenade launcher unless handgun or flamethrower. Number 4: be in squads of 5 at least with tactical knowledge of the area and if there is no knowledge of the area then find an area with communication abillities and fortify area. Number 5: Keep sentry…

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  • Xenofav

    Intelligent or not?

    February 2, 2011 by Xenofav

    In this post i will talk about how intelligent aliens are. As you know aliens in every alien or avp movie have been brainless almost but I wonder how smart the xenomorphs of xenomorph prime are? To ask how smart they are is one of the best questions u can ask about the alien universe, so i'm going to explain my opinion on how smart they would be on their planet. Since the aliens of xenomorph prime dominated the other species there they must have some intelligence , but they also lived there for billions of years( im guessing ) so they must have a semi slow development rate of intelligence so I believe that the xenomorphs there are capeable of constuction of tools and buildings.

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  • Xenofav

    The sticky hell of xenomorph prime. Well as you may know xenomorph prime is massively hive controlled planet, I'm going to talk about a possible invasion by the humans and Predators. At the end of the new avp game it shows that the humans and Predators head to xenomorph prime, in the event that they invade i have a theory that the humans will wait for the Predators to attack first. In the beginning of this invasion the Predators would likely plasma blast multiple areas on the surface of the planet and then send down dozens of warriors and assist them by using plasma casters on the ship. Once they secure an area on the planet (after several days or weeks) they will probably encounter an elite colonial marine strike force which would land ou…

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