Xeno master

aka Hunter

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is studant
  • I am male
  • Xeno master

    What kinds of xenomorphs makes an REGULAR hive ,I think that tey are:







    And royal facehuggers are true or false,( I think they are true, but I want to know your opinion)

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  • Xeno master

    Predalien queen

    July 13, 2013 by Xeno master

    In AVP:R the predalien was a young queen that impragnated lots of pregnant womans in the film,but the result was a regular warrior,shouldn't be another predalien but without the ability of impragnation,├žike a warrior predalien or a drone like predalien

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  • Xeno master

    What would be more powerfull an pureblood praetorian the royal guard of the queen or the predalien that came from one of the most powerfull alien races in the universe

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  • Xeno master

    All the predaliens have different looks,I think in some cases is that beaccuse of their age,the predalien in AVP:R was a praetorian but the predalien in the Alien versus Predator 2 video game the predalien had a more drone like style while the predalien in the AVP 2010 video game was more like warrior style,knowing that the warrior is a matture drone,that does apply in the predalien life cycle

    leave your opinion

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  • Xeno master

    Can some one tell me what is this thing.I found this image while I was looking for a predalien image in the internet for a page

    I would thank if someone explain to me what is this

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