Alien VS Predator

The mystery.

the year is 2089 and we have learned of other species that are very deadly and wish to understand them and control them.

Deep in Science facility 3648-LB7 on the "Ring of Five" on a Island Dr.Garthen and Mr.wayland work on a new breed of xeno for tests on what it does.

Is it ready Dr.Garthen.” said Mr.wayland “Almost Mr.wayland.” said Dr.Garthen “good let me know when the Alien is in its adult state, then we will do test's on it doctor.” said Mr. wayland “ok sir will do.” said Dr.Garthen

3 days later

Mr.wayland Dr.Garthen has requested you in the lab.” said Capt. reas “ok thank you Commander.” said Mr.wayland “so how is it.” Mr.wayland “fine sir we have found a new type. "said dr garthen as Mr. wayland chuckles “oh really and what does this one do spit fire scream?”said Mr. wayland “no sir this one spits acid at its prey unlike most where it just simply kills it will harvest it for a new born any way we have found out the range of the spit is 7 meters. "said dr garthen “Yeah ok make sure it does not get loose oh and where did I come from what was its face hugger attached to a snake?” “well sir this is the strange part we found it in a crashed ship 25 clicks west from here however the ship is not human it has cloaking and has very advanced tech that we don't understand sir so we don't know right now.” “We will find out keep up the tests for this one. "said Mr. wayland “got it yes sir. "said dr garthen

7 hours later in the research lab of the xeno with dr garthen lab assistant lance

hay doctor.” in a fearful voice said lance “what is it lance "said dr garthen “well um don't mean to bring bad news but where is the spitter.” “what um wait uh get me security in here now.” “yes sir. what is the problem doctor.” “the xenomorph in there is not well in there it is gone.” “ok um may I have a look inside.” “uh sure I guess.” “ok well I don't see anything can I get a flashlight or something.” “uh yeah uh here you go.” “thanks.” “ok now where are you buddy.” (as the alien hisses to draw its prey closer) “what was that I think I found it what do you want me to do.” “shoot it.” “got it where did it go.” “BEHIND YOU” “what o cra. AAAAAAGGGGGGGGG” “CLOSE THE DOOR CLOSE IT CLOSE IT HURRY. AGGGGG” “RUN. AAGAGAG” *Attention xenomorph readings outside of containment cell* “WHAT?” “commander get your men and hunt down this spitter I want it caught alive you hear me.” “yes sir alright men move.” 1 day later “This is Karl Bishop Wayland in Science facility 3648-LB7 there is a new breed of xeno that we found it can spit acid 7 meters away but the strange thing is what it has the ability to like pop a face hugger about its back and the face hugger will get something and make a spitter xeno if you attempt to come here be armed and ready o god what is that no a FACEHUGGER AAGGG.”

17 hrs after recorded message was sent

ok Men today is like any other a bug hunt but this time they are ranged.” “what do you mean raged conl. (Matt) well we have the last recording of the place right here listen for your selves” “This is Karl Bishop Wayland in Science facility 3648-LB7 there is a new breed of xeno that we found it can spit acid 7 meters away but the strange thing is what it has the ability to like pop a face hugger about its back and the face hugger will get something and make a spitter xeno if you attempt to come here be armed and ready o god what is that no a FACEHUGGER AAGGG.”

Wow sounds like he made first love with a xeno.” (squad laughs) “SHUT IT SRG.” (Jackson) “ok ok sorry.” “so you said a new breed of xeno, right.” “yes doc.”(Tom) “ok well do we know where the xeno its self came from.” “no they said they found in this advanced crashed cloaked ship so I don't know all I do know is that we need to kill them.” “wait can't we just blow it up?” “Shut it rookie we still have info in the place that we need to know we can't.” “so get ready to move out.”


2 hrs later

OK MOVE OUT.” “SIR YES SIR” “ok search the outside area for any xeno's then we move in.” said Tom “SIR YES SIR.” 45 minutes later “Everybody report in.” “This is Srg. here nothing but a few dead body's with holes in your chests sir very weird.” “This the doc Nothing here but some bloody notes about the spitter.” “This is rookie here got some movement but no signs of anything.” “ok everybody meet back at the drop ship now move move move.” “ok get ready to go in Srg. can you get this door open.” “yes sir we can running a bypass now, almost done and, bam we are in.” said Jackson “Ok rookie take point.” “yes sir.” “any body got anything?” said rookie “Zip.” said Kellie “nothing.” said matt 'empty....whoa whoa whoa I am getting lit up here GET READY.” said rookie “OPEN FIRE” (Guns Blazen) “ok I think we go them.” “sir look at this in the bloody notes it say that there were 5 spitters how many did we just kill.” “uh 2 or so 3 more to go.” 'right ok Srg. you go with the doc. rookie you are with me MOVE.” 12 minutes later “sir This is Srg. we have xeno contact but we can't see it (alien spits acid) what was the AAAAAAAAGGGG IT BURNS WHAT IS IT AAAAGGGGGG” “WHOA DOC, KILL IT DOC you there? hello doctor report in Crap there dead” “sir there it is shoot (fires gun) BAM nailed it.' “nice shot kid but we still need to kill the last one.” “right sir.” “ok you go this way I will go that way.” “copy that.” (5 minutes later) “Rookie.” “Sir you ok Sir hello?” “RUN.” “what oh crap he dead.” “ok ok where is this guy oh crap I got movement.(fires gun in random locations) I think I hit it yep there it is ok well this is done now to get out of here.”

24 minutes later

"hmm maybe I should radio for help so I can get out of here since the pilot left. This is rookie of group wild dog hound reporting to base you there?" "This is base go ahead" "ok I need a evac ship at science facility 3648-LB7" "Copy that Rookie an evac ship has been dispatched" "ok thanks base" " Rookie where is your Squad?" "Dead Major Gail" "ok well then let's go home" "right away sir"

23 minutes later

So what happened in there Rookie what type of xeno was in there, from the looks of the body's they have acid all over them what did this xeno do to them?” “ Sir there was a new breed of xeno they called it a spitter and it can spit acid like 7 meters away also they found the Xeno in a glass tube on this unknown Ship it had like cloak and like plasma cannons so I don't know that was all we got from it sir” “I see can you take me to the vessel?” “Yes sir they said that I was 25 clicks west from the place” “ok well lets head out then” “ sir who will we take with us my team is dead” “Well then say hello to your New team there will be six of you now” “Ok that works for me” “Ha-ha Good, meet Connor” “Hello rookie” “why does everyone call me that I have a name it's O....” “moving on, this is Kellie Team medic has everything at her hand almost” “nice to meet you Sir” “You too Kellie” “next his Ken he has some of the deadliest sniping on record” “hi Sir glad to be part of the team” “ok this Jackson he can bypass almost any door known” “hello sir” and last but not least” Jordon Demolitions expert” “how's it going sir” “fine” “ok let's move out” “SIR YES SIR” 4 hrs later “ok so is this the ship?” “yes sir it is” “ok let's have a look inside shall we?” “Jackson, Connor open this thing up” “ok” “you got it boss man” “WHOA WHAT IS IT” “well that thing sitting in the chair is not human that's for sure” “Kellie do your doctor thing and look at it” “yes sir” “ok the rest you set up base camp” “sir yes sir”1 hr later “so Kellie what is it” “well I was going in the wayland records and this is a Yautja” “A what” “A Yautja and it has a log on its data records” “how do you know how to get into this stuff?” “I don't know” “but here is what it says” ) Cetanu (The Black Hunter (God of Death) ) dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide/Nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de (The fight that begun would not end until the end) tyioe-ti jehdin (this Individual escape pod) Yeyinde (carried the Brave one) u'sl-kwe (for final rest) z'skvy-de (Birth of Xenomorph from host) nan-de than-gaun (No mercy) u'darahje (For the Abomination) mar'cte (killer) thin-de le'hsaun 'aloun'myin-de s' bpi-de gka-de hou-depaya (Learn the gift of all sights or finish the dance of the fallen gods)

yeyin-yin'tekai ( Brave Honor ) m-di h'dlak ( No fear )

So that means that this thing is a Carrier for a Xenomorph?” “Well yes and no in the text it says “Abomination” so I don't know what that is or means” “wait it said it has the xeno right?” “yes” “so where is the xeno?” (as the predators body begins to move) “wait is it still alive?” “I don't know I think it is wait, look at its chest!” (as the xenomorph forces its way out) “LOOK” “WHOA” “CONNOR GET OVER HERE AND KILL THIS THING” “YES SIR” “NNNNNOOOOO” (as Kellie jumps on top of Connor and letting the strange xenomorph get away) “KELLIE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THAT NEEDED TO BE KILLED WE DONT KNOW WHAT KIND IT IS” “GET OFF OF ME” “Oh right sorry Connor I tripped” “No you didn't you jumped on top of me” “same thing” “tie her to the tree and don't let her loose unless I say” “yes sir”

30mins later

“so sir if you are the “rookie” and we are higher then you why are you in charge?” “Because I was put in it. Do you think I am a bad leader?” “no it's just someone with your rank knows what they are doing and you have no expertise it's weird” “ha-ha I will take that as a complement” “ok sir” “so are we ever going to track this thing or just let it go and kill us later?” “I don't know we don't have any info on what it is or what it can do so it's hard to say Jackson” “ok sir” alright we are going to leave this place for now so everybody on the ship MOVE” “SIR YES SIR” “and Connor untie her” “right away sir” “ok close the ship doors” (as the xenomorph slips onto the ship) ok lets go back to command” “on it sir” (4hrs later) ok lets go tell the major” 12 minutes later “Sir Rookie Orion would to see you” “ok send him in” “hello major we found something “different” “like what rookie” “well sir we found a Predator that had a Xenomorph in it an...” “GREAT so where is it” “what you wanted it” “you mean to tell me you did not get this xenomorph” “uh no sir” “ get me that xenomorph so we can do tes...” Attention Xenomorph Activity detected in vents* “SO YOU DID GET IT GOOD JOB” “NO SIR WE DIDENT IT MUST HAVE SNUCK ON!!!” “OH NO, ATTATION THIS IS MAYJOR GAIL WE HAVE A LOOSE NEW XENOMORPH HANDLE WITH CATION AND CAPURER IT AND BRING IT TO ME ALIVE” (Gunfire outside of door) “WHOA WHAT IS IT SHOOT IT” (guns firing) “AAAAGGGG” “FALL BACK” (alien roar) “RRRUUUUUAAAAAAAA!!” “WHAT DO WE DO MAYJOR” “RUN” (as rookie found his team they all left the building in fear Trying to find a ship to get away from the Base)”COME ON LETS GO GET IN THE SHIP HURRY” “where do we go now sir” “I don't know Connor, I don't know”

The Hunt.

As the team got onto the ship and flew away the hope they never see that "thing" again

"Sir we are 3 miles away from the place you can stop now" said Connor " oh ha-ha right" said rookie "so what do we do now" said Kellie "shut it Kellie" Said Jackson "ok well lets land" said rookie thinking this would be a bad idea "ok everybody set up base camp here until we can find some other contacts to bring us some where safely" said rookie with nothing else in mind but staying away from the large xenomorph 30 minutes later "ok sir we are set up and ready to go" Said Connor "ok do we have ANY sentries that could be put up" said rookie "yes we have 6" "ok make a hexagon perimeter" "yes sir hay Jackson come help me put up the turrets" he said "coming" said Jackson "sir can i speak with you for a minute"  "uh sure Kellie" "Well sir that xeno we saw back at base is very different in many ways as said in the last log of the Yautja" "oh i know i am not going to like the sound of this" " we'll look" agaj'ya (This realm) gahn'tha-cte-bhu'ja (has Ruthless Souls) m-di h'chak-m-di h'dlak (no mercy no fear)  ki'sei (i agree) bpi-de ( my end is near) kiande (hard enough) ooman (to know humans will find my body) dha-viath (disaster will start) kv'var ( the hunt will begin) u'darahje (when the Abomination is born) dhi'ki-de (The Long Sleep Starts now (Death) "well now i wish we had killed that xeno" said Jackson "sorry sir" said Kellie "it's fine but never do that again" said rookie "yes sir" "so are we going to hunt this thing or just let it go and kill us all?" "well Connor i don't know i mean this thing i huge and very strong" "right but i mean cant we just shoot it or something i mean like you know" said Connor "i don't know back at the base when the marines where shooting i didn't see the thing bleed" said rookie "Well this sucks" said Jackson "yeah but i am sure we will find a way to kill it somehow" said rookie "well we have to find some way to kill it or it will kill us" said Connor "yeah hay does it say of the Yautja logs about how to kill it? said rookie "no sadly" said Kellie "ok well then what we just trap it and then like burn it or something?" said Connor "ok can we at least make a plan?" said Connor "ok well here is what we need to do ok so we know that it like to kill things so we need to set up some bait ok so Jackson and Kellie go kill whatever you can find ,birds, chipmunks, deer, bear, boar, hog, pig whatever you find" said rookie "what should i do sir" said Connor "you are to help me make the net ok so find anything that you can tie or make into a net ok EVERBODY MOVE OUT" said rookie "SIR YES SIR" 3hrs later "ok sir we have everything Kellie got 3 deer and one boar Jackson got 2 bear 7 chipmunks and 1 deer and i found some vines for the net" said Connor "ok goo..." "wait what net" asked Kellie "to lure the beast here and then activate all 6 hidden turrets rookie set up unless you want to stand where all the dead animal bodies are then you will wait to active your assigned turret" said Connor "ok ok" said Kellie "ok let's get the body's in the net and wait for the thing to come by and eat" said Rookie "ok Kellie you are going to turn one turrets 1 and 2 Jackson you turn on 3 and 4 and Connor you turn on 5 and 6" said rookie "wait sir what are you going to do? asked Connor "i am going to use a high explosive C4 G-nade Launcher" said rookie "well that works" 1hr later As the team waited for the beast to come bye they became restless "So is this thing going to come by or are we jus..." "SHUT UP JACKSON THERE IT'S coming this way get ready 3 2 1...KILL IT!!" said rookie "So is it done over?" has the beast let out one last roar of its dyeing breath "no i think this is just the beginning of a new war" said rookie "WAIT you here that?" said Kellie "Here what?" said Connor "OH CRAP LOOK AROUND" said Jackson xeno's came after hearing the predaliens finial roar the new this was a new war on them and the rest of humanity.

Part 3

The''''' War

"OPEN FIRE SHOOT EVERY WHERE GET BACK TO THE DROP SHIP" said rookie "SIR YES SIR" said everyone "KELLIE GET US OUT OF HERE" said Jackson "ON IT" as they flew away they never noticed that a face hugger was onboard the ship "Connor go in the back room and get the Smart gun" said rookie "yes sir" said Connor after Connor was in the back room and everybody else was busy talking they heard a loud Thumb in the back room "What did he drop the gun" said Jackson "come on Connor stop screwing around and get the gun" said rookie "oh my god" said Jackson walking to the back room "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT WE HAVE A XENO ON THE SHIP" said Jackson not knowing what to do "WHAT KELLIE KEEP FLYING" said rookie "yes sir" said Kellie "Oh my god that's what is that Jackson go get Kellie you take over ok don't stop flying and don't hit anything" "ok sir" "OH MY GOD" said Kellie when she had seen the face hugger on Connors face "What is it" said rookie "it's a face hugger" "what does it do" said rookie full of fear "What it does is it like paralyzes it's host and then puts any embryo in its chest then dies and after that the baby alien bursts out and kills the person and then grows to be a full sized xeno" "oh my god is there anything we can do like can we get it off or something" said rookie "no" said Kellie " the only thing we can do is kill him and stop the xeno from being born" said Kellie "if that is what must be done then so be it once you kill drop it out of the ship""ok sir" said Kellie "Jackson fly us to the USS Reaper" said Rookie "yes sir" said Jackson 2 hrs later "This is USS Combat-0034 Requesting permission to land" said Jackson "This is the USS Reaper please proceed to docking bay 0X-Alpha" said the Comlink "ok thank you, hay sir if it's ok with you i am going to stay here and do some work on the ship before our next trip" said Jackson "ok but do not let anyone onboard you got it" said Kellie "Ok lets go" said Rookie "so where are we going to go" asked Kellie "Well first we are going to go to see the Commanding officer of this ship and tell him what happened to us and what we saw then we are going to see if we could go to some other plant and stay there for a while, The only reason i want to do that is so i can see new thing plus i was assigned there anyway so i have to check up with that and make sure everything is fine and there is no xeno attacks of any type." said rookie  12 mins later "Sir two Soldiers wish to see you they said they know something about all the xeno attacks" said the marine guarding the door to the Generals office "ok send them in" said the General "Hello General Garthen" said Rookie "Hello Orion and Kellie" said Gen. Garthen "so you said that you know about some of the stuff that has happened to the Science facility 3648-LB7 that is on an island out near the "Ring of five" on mars yes?" asked the Gen. "yes sir we do first we found the last recording of Karl Bishop Wayland then we found this ancient writing of a Yautja in a crashed ship also they found a new type of xeno they call it a spitter and it spits acid at its prey and that the Yautja had a baby xeno in it and was very different later we killed it and we had to flea because after we killed it, it let out a very load roar and made hundreds of xeno's come to our position so we fled and came here to talk to you about also we found these in the logs of the dead Yautja ship" said Rookie Cetanu (The Black Hunter (God of Death) ) dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide/Nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de (The fight that begun would not end until the end) tyioe-ti jehdin (this Individual escape pod) Yeyinde (carried the Brave one) u'sl-kwe (for final rest) z'skvy-de (Birth of Xenomorph from host) nan-de than-gaun (No mercy) u'darahje (For the Abomination) mar'cte (killer) thin-de le'hsaun 'aloun'myin-de s' bpi-de gka-de hou-depaya (Learn the gift of all sights or finish the dance of the fallen gods)

yeyin-yin'tekai ( Brave Honor ) m-di h'dlak ( No fear ) agaj'ya (This realm) gahn'tha-cte-bhu'ja (has Ruthless Souls) m-di h'chak-m-di h'dlak (no mercy no fear)  ki'sei (i agree) bpi-de ( my end is near) kiande (hard enough) ooman (to know humans will find my body) dha-viath (disaster will start) kv'var ( the hunt will begin) u'darahje (when the Abomination is born) dhi'ki-de (The Long Sleep Starts now (Death) "Ok we are going to stop all flights to and from mars after we evacuate the plant safely then we will move everybody to a new planet, but for now make your way to Xron and Investigate the strange deaths that keep happening people say they are seeing "Skinned" people hanging from a tree and huge holes in the chests as well i will talk to you later" said The Gen.

One Ugly '''''Mother'''''...

"Ok lets go back to the ship and get ready to go and see the plant Xron and its horrors that await us There" said rookie "yes sir" said Kellie 12 mins later "Ok Jackson lets go to Xron and see what is there for us" said rookie "ok sir" 3 hrs later "ok set down here i am going to ask around see if we can get some Clarity on what's down here" said rookie As rookie walked in the forest on his edge waiting for something to happened he stops and looks up to see what looks like a distorted area in a tree "hmm are my eyes messing with me or what?" ask rookie then it went away and leaves fell "hmm it was nothen" rookie said as he got to a small town he asked around and talked to the Sharman to see what was going on After they talked the Sharman began to tell what he had seen "..It uses the sky and wraps itself in it and hides from us with such sharp Hands it pierces our Flesh and fly's on an in invisible lift in such high places and shoots Blue balls of fire like a Dragon" said the Sharman "thank you" said rookie hoping that he had lost his mind and that none of that was true, then he hears some people screaming and runs over to see what had happened only to see to that 3 bodies had been skinned at where hanging from a tree Dripping blood like a water fall "Oh my god, Well nice to see that he didn't lose his mind but sadly he was right about this hhmm i should ask Kellie if she knows anything about the Yautja since she knew so much about it before" said rookie as he looked around he saw a distorted area in a tree again so he took the chance and raised his gun and before he could fire the blue ball of fire came out like lighting and the Sharman had pushed Rookie out of the way letting himself get Engulfed from the flames and then Rookie began to shoot everywhere hoping to hit it "NNNNOOOOO" before he knew it all of the people where gathering his body parts and putting them in a pile getting ready to burn them "I have to get back to Kellie and Jackson be for it is too late to get there." has he ran back he could see the Distorted area moving from point to point then he stopped "COME ON DO IT SHOOT ME SHOW YOUR SELF I KNOW YOU ARE THERE I CAN SEE YOU MOVEING COME ON IS THIS ALL YOU GOT" then he took his gun and began to spray and prey that he hit it and did not get by the blue ball of fire "COME ON" with no response he began to walk back to the ship 15 mins later "HAY KELLIE YOU HERE?"Shouted rookie "YEAH IM BACK HERE BEHIND THE SHIP" she yelled back "ok listen i came in contact with a live Yautja ok it is Invisible and can shoot balls of fire and jumps high and is fast" said rookie not even believe what he said himself "Oh my god ok the blue fir is not fire it is called a plasma Caster that shoot very highly concerted beams of energy into a ball then fires them at somebody and it has wrist blades that it uses in combat ad yes it does jump far and high" said Kellie "ok so how do we kill it?" asked Rookie "I don't know it's so hard to track" said Kellie "ok well what do we do then i mean should i stay here and take inventory on what we have for killing this thing?" asked Jackson "yeah you stay here and Kellie you come with me so we could hunt this thing down" said Rookie "ok" said Kellie as they walked in the forest they found a Blood trail "Sir look at this, it's a blood trial" said Kellie "ok good lets fallow it and find this think so we can kill it and be on our way to some other plant" said rookie "wait what, what planet are we going to go to after this?" said Kellie not truly wanting to know "we are going to go to Runna I was told that after we left i got a message on my V6-X form the Gen. and we have to go there because there is somehow a queen making a hive so we have to kill it after we kill this thing so let's go" said rookie "uh ok yeah sure whatever" said Kellie wishing she had never asked half hr later "ok so what is this some kind of cave?" asked Rookie fallowing the blood trial "i guess so but not any formation i have ever seen before" said Kellie very confused as they walked in the cave they so the Yautja ripping skulls out of human and animal bodies "ok SSHHH we don't want any attention from the beast so move quietly so we can get behind it and shot it in the head" said Rookie "ok lets go" said Kellie just then Kellie stepped on a twig that broke and made a sound make the Yautja turn around show its face "OH CRAP" then a plasma cast shot went flying at her and took her arm off "NNNOOOO KELLIE" then Rookie shot the beast in the arm and the legs causing it to fall "YOU MONSTER YOU KILLED HER YOU KILLED EVERYONE NOW YOU GET TO DIE YOU UGLY MOTHER" said Rookie being cut off hear the sound of Kellies voice in pain "KELLIE?" said rookie rushing over leaving the Yautja on the ground alive "yeah but my arm is gone and the heat of the blast sealed of the wound so i didn't bleed out ok i am going to go back to Jackson at the ship so he can help me out" said Kellie still in allot of pain "ok i am going to take care of this thing once and for all" said Rookie as he asked back over to see the Yautja laying there about to put a bullet in its head it said something "Reeedd thus a teach of my way HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" said the Yautja as rookie put a bullet in its brain "what is this hm i should give this to Kellie so she can take a look at it and see what it says" just then he heard a ticking noise and saw on its wrist something that like it was counting down "AAGG A BOMB RRRUUUUUNNNNN" after he got out the cave exploded with a large boom and began traveling back to the ship "is she going to be ok Jackson?" said rookie in a frightful voice "yeah you see when the thing shot her she just move out the way enough to keep the rest of her body and survive also with the heat of the shot it closed the wound as it opened it allowing her to live, so what's that in your hand?" said Jackson "ok that good and this is what the Yautja gave me just has i was about to pull the trigger it said learn the ways or something i don't know but i need Kellie to be awake so she can decrypt it and see what is on it" said rookie "ok well i will let her know as soon has she is awake" said Jackson "ok thank you" said rookie

3 days later

"is she awake?" as he was concerned since it has been so long now  said Rookie "eh she is starting to anyway she can talk but her arm how ever had to be cut off and sealed do to the plasma casters damage effect but other than that she should be find tomorrow or maybe even tonight not sure but i will keep my eye on her" said Jackson As they Approached the Flame infused planet Xron they had to land at a know base there was only one and it was the same one they had to look at as well so it should be Interesting on what happened there "HAY JACKSON" said rookie in a panic "WHAT?" said Jackson thinking there was something wrong, As Jackson ran up to the cockpit the ship had crashed 10 mins later "Oh ow head ugh whe... where am i?" said Jackson look around in the waste of the plane crash "over here" said rookie under a pile of ruble "oh my GOD SIR ARE YOU OK" said Jackson "yeah I'm just freaking dandy under this pile of crap thanks for asking" as rookie kicked a small stone at Jacksons feet "hay watch it" said Jackson in a very angry way "shut up and get me out" said rookie in a demanding voice " i am so just stop moving around so i can get your leg out of here and we get Kelly and move on" said Jackson Snapping back at him "whatever" said Rookie very annoyed As they were looking for Kelly they found her body how ever there was a problem "SIR I GOUND KELLIE" said Jackson very frighten by the sight Of kellies body "Oh my god what happened to her body' said Rookie as if he really cared "Sir you don't sound like you really care you sound like it was just an oh well death she was burned by the fire of the crash" said Jackson in a very ticked off tone "WATCH IT you talk to be like that again and you will be shot and killed and it is an oh well she was not in any state of surviving weather we crashed or not so get over it' said Rookie wanting to move on and forget about it and take out the Xeno's on Xron "Well let's get moving Jackson we have nothing we can take here" said Rookie looking at all of the Debris around them "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ANYBODY WHEN CONNOR DIED OR WHEN YOUR ORGRIAL TEAM DIED YOU NEVER SEEMD TO CARE ABOUT ANYBODY BUT YOUR SELF, WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER DOING THIS STUFF TO KEEP US ALIVE KILL THESES THINGS ALL YOU DO IS YELL AND THREATEN PEOPLE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONNOR YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN THROWN OUT OF THE PLAIN AND YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED AT THE COMPOND NOBODY EVEN LIKES YOU SO GET OUT OF HERE YOU LOSER" just as Connor had Finished his Sentence Rookie pulled out his pistol and shot Jackson in the Shoulder  "AAAAAAAAAGGHHHH YOU SON OF A GUN YOU SHOT ME AAAGHHH YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL BURN IN THE PITS OF HELL YOU TRAITOR" said Jackson Bleeding out on the ground " IS THAT ALL AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE AFTER DOING MY BEST TO KEEP YOU ALIVE YOU YELL AT ME AND I DO CARE FOR MY TEAM BUT WHEN SONBODY DOES DIE THERE IS NOTHEN YOU CAN DO FOR IT WHATS DONE IS DONE AND YOU CANT CHANGE IT SO I DONT SHEAD TEARS OVER IT" said Rookie aiming the gun at Jacksons head ready to open fire "come on do it, do it you worthless loser do what you can you are just stuck in a shell of a man that i once new SO KILL ME KILL ME NOW YOU LOW LIFE MURDER!" said Jackson wit is final breath "Well you my friend took the wrong path" said Rookie *BANG* and just like that a pool of blood sweep to over to rookies feet "Rest in peace you worthless two face lire" Said rookie beginning to run away and get to the Base to kill the Xeno's "Well now that he is out of the way maybe i can find this stupid compound and kill the stupid Alien things once and for all" said Rookie As he ran to the door he was that there was blood all over the door and claw marks as well "Well this should be fun" said rookie has he opened the door and turned on his light on and slowly walked in the base then he heard a sound he thought he would never hear again it was a voice In pain "is that can't be.....Connor" as rookie ran to the noise he saw a light and looked into the room "so when do you think the distress team will be her to "save us" said one guy in a scientist uniform "ha-ha i don't know did they really believe that the strongest compound ever would really be attacked by the aliens and the Predalien clone" said another where a red uniform "wait we did clone the Predalien ?" said the Scientist "yeah but i think it is asleep" Said the guy in red "Well whatever so how are we going to get this egg out form this guys chest and who is it anyway?"
 said the Scientist " i don't know just cut it out and then we can take it and do stuff with it and have you checked on the cameras for any active sights of the people" said the guy in red "yeah there ship crashed about 5 clicks south west of here ok send out a team and get what you can" Said a third guy who walked in "and who are you" said the guy in red "Well funny you should ask i am Commander Matt Roha and was sent her to take the cloned Predalien back to my base and who are you" said Roha "i am Security Chief David Jaho and i have just denied you access to take that specimen from my Compound" said Jaho "oh is that so" said Roha as he pulled out a gun and shot Jaho in the head "OH MY GOD" said the Scientist "Might i ask what your name is my friend?" said Roha " trek and i work here and do experiments on people like remove eggs from people and i look at the genocide coding in the xenomorph body And i found this one lying on the ground with one on him and his flight left so i got it out of him now he is just resting from everything" said trek "well your service is no longer needed around anymore" said Roha as he pulled out his gun and shot him in the head "crap i need to get Connor out of thee and kill that commander and leave and tell somebody" said rookie "ok well if i get the data logs i can see everything that goes on here" said Roha as he was searching on the computer "ok now i need to get those files as proof too well isn't this my lucky day" said rookie Trying to find a way into the room "well maybe if i shoot i and go in there really fast i can take him down and get the files and get Connor out of there and go home and expose this place once and for all" said rookie aiming at the glass *BANG* *BANG* "WHAT THE HELL" said Roha hitting the floor for cover "STAND UP AND STEP AWAY FROM THAT COMPUTER AND COME WITH ME OR YOU WILL DIE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW" said rookie pointing his gun at his head "OOOO look the big bad scare man has a gun oh no I'm so scared, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ARREST ME TURN ME IN GO AHEAD I DONT CARE CAUSE I GOT WHAT I NEEDED" said Roha drawing his gun "OH AND WHAT IS THAT?" said rookie ready to fire "THE FACT THAT I SENT THE FILES TO MY SPACE STATION SO THE CAN MAKE THE SUPER ALIEN" said Roha "NNNNNOOOOOOO" as rookie shot "AGH MY SHOLDER" said Roha bleeding on the floor "Now you are going to tell me where this ship is and i am going to destroy and i will kill you if you don't tell me" said rookie doing the same thing he did to Jackson Except with a reason this time as the two stared at each other rookie pulled the Trigger not getting his information "ugh now i just have to go back to my ship and sadly that was Connor but it wasn't him i don't know what they did to him but he was all cybernetic like and not all that human anymore" said rookie as he found a ship in a hanger bay and flew back to earth to let President Mashaw Kulong know of what is going on right now As he was flying back to earth he thought of what he might say and how he should say it because saying the wrong thing will bring Chaos on him "This Sector V1 You have no permission to be in this air space Identify yourself now your we will bring you down" said a pilot in an jet locking on rookie "my name is Orion Rucks and i am here to speck with the present about an illegal experiment that threatens man kind as we know of it" said Orion as he put down the mic and began to decrease speed and lower altitude toward the ground "Permission granted i will fallow you there" said the pilot in the jet "thank you" said rookie starting to land "so this is where it begins" said Orion looking over the white house

The Talk

  Mr.President i have very Urgent news about an illegal experiment going on, on the Plant Xron and must be dealt with quickly" said Orion in a scared voice "Very well now what his is experiment you speak of is it a virus is it a parasite is it a droid what is it" demanded the President

"ok well this is going to be a long story sir ok Don't say anything till i am down talking ok sir, anyway what is happening is an Alien war is going on and these aliens have things ok the main one is the warrior it does not have eyes or a nose or ears it uses sonar to see and hear also it has a mouth with a small mouth in side of it witch it will bite and kill its prey with and a long tail where it will stab and lift you up and sharp claws to rip into your flesh also they have a queen that lays eggs inside of theses eggs are what we call facehuggers and what they do is they have 8 legs and a long tail and they run and jump on anything that is part of their species and plants an egg in there chest then dies and falls off the hosts face the egg that was in the hosts body will hatch and eat its way through the hosts chest and kill them then run always and wait till they grow and enter adult hood in like a couple of hours now one of the facehuggers had gotten on to this other species all the Yautja a very tough being they do all of like the tribal stuff and collect trophies by killing they prey they have two wrist blades on each hand a plasma caster that shoots balls of energy and will go throw anything in its path also a spear and a disc that will allow its target kill it and then come back and the Yautja war and the alien war has been going on for thousands of years and we got in the middle of it and are now part of it as well now a facehuggers had got on an Yautja and when the alien baby was born it was very different however i is a mix of the both no allies of either side and all it does is kill and eat and destroy so we, well my team anyway had killed it however what we didn't know is that we were being followed by a since team and when they found the things body they took it and cloned it and now they have many of them also when i was on Xron i heard them taken and i had came in and there was this commander i forgot the name but he had sent the cloning process to his ship somewhere i don't know where and they are making the army of them and we must stop them be for things get out of hand sir" said Orion

"I think i have heard enough i am going to issue a red alert for the military, air force, Navy and the army to go with you to stop whatever this is so we will have no danger" said Mr.President "also my friend before she died in the crash of Xron she was holding the artifacts of the Yautja we found please look at it Cetanu (The Black Hunter (God of Death) ) dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide/Nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de (The fight that begun would not end until the end) tyioe-ti jehdin (this Individual escape pod) Yeyinde (carried the Brave one) u'sl-kwe (for final rest) z'skvy-de (Birth of Xenomorph from host) nan-de than-gaun (No mercy) u'darahje (For the Abomination) mar'cte (killer) thin-de le'hsaun 'aloun'myin-de s' bpi-de gka-de hou-depaya (Learn the gift of all sights or finish the dance of the fallen gods)

yeyin-yin'tekai ( Brave Honor ) m-di h'dlak ( No fear ) agaj'ya (This realm) gahn'tha-cte-bhu'ja (has Ruthless Souls) m-di h'chak-m-di h'dlak (no mercy no fear)  ki'sei (i agree) bpi-de ( my end is near) kiande (hard enough) ooman (to know humans will find my body) dha-viath (disaster will start) kv'var ( the hunt will begin) u'darahje (when the Abomination is born) dhi'ki-de (The Long Sleep Starts now (Death) " agaj'ya (This realm) gahn'tha-cte-bhu'ja (has Ruthless Souls) m-di h'chak-m-di h'dlak (no mercy no fear)  ki'sei (i agree) bpi-de ( my end is near) kiande (hard enough) ooman (to know humans will find my body) dha-viath (disaster will start) kv'var ( the hunt will begin) u'darahje (when the Abomination is born) dhi'ki-de (The Long Sleep Starts now (Death) "may go be with us" said Mr.President

The Search

"Ok, ok Lets go Everybody to the ships come on, come on that means you and you sir" said a general leading all sorts of troops onto the big ships. as Orion was walking he saw how many Soldiers will join him in this war to help kill a huge threat As Orion was walking up the steps to see the president and a whole bunch of high rank people he stopped and thought about what he was doing and if it is the right thing putting everyone else life in danger over his concern of the war  and if he should bother but yet he still walked up the step and talked to the people then walked back down and go his ship ready for flight as all the ship where in pace just fallow each other Orion came on over the master speaker "attention all ships attention all ships this is Field Marshal Orion Rucks and i will be commanding you to take action and to help me defeat this large threat now  i have an idea of how to find this station he is in the Runon Cluster in the Mafga Galaxy orbiting around one of the 3 plants Forzon, Jahnu or Kaylo now when awe find him i am pretty sure there is going to be a space battle and a space station inside battle and maybe even a ground battle on the plant So let's go there now we should arrive there in about 5 days" said Orion getting off of the master speaker Just as Orion got of the load speaker a person in a white lab coat began to talk to him "excuse me sir if you're not doing anything important if i could please have a word with you" said the guy in the white lab coat "yeah sure what's up" said Orion "ok my name is Professor Derk Kull and Do you remember when you went inside of that lab a few weeks ago and you had killed the spitter xeno well i was do some research and that xeno could not have come from the Yautja as we call it the Predator anyway we believe that in the vessel the predator was in was carrying some sort of pet like a Snake dog like creature and that the face hugger had been on that not the Predator and you said that there was a chunk missing from the data you find fright maybe that will tell us what it came from" said  Derk "yeah more then likely but i don't think you can crack the records however i will give it to you if you would like to try" said Orion as he told him where to go to get the log data "ok thank you sir i will be back as soon as i can to see if i can get it" said Derk "ok see you later" said Orion "ok let's see what you have here you like block thingy anyway ok and here we go ok let's see what you got