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    avp story

    November 27, 2013 by XenoFace

    Alien VS Predator

    The mystery.

    the year is 2089 and we have learned of other species that are very deadly and wish to understand them and control them.

    Deep in Science facility 3648-LB7 on the "Ring of Five" on a Island Dr.Garthen and Mr.wayland work on a new breed of xeno for tests on what it does.

    Is it ready Dr.Garthen.” said Mr.wayland “Almost Mr.wayland.” said Dr.Garthen “good let me know when the Alien is in its adult state, then we will do test's on it doctor.” said Mr. wayland “ok sir will do.” said Dr.Garthen

    3 days later

    Mr.wayland Dr.Garthen has requested you in the lab.” said Capt. reas “ok thank you Commander.” said Mr.wayland “so how is it.” Mr.wayland “fine sir we have found a new type. "said dr garthen as Mr. wayland chuckles “…

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