Over the course of this francise it has constantly,questioned,conterdicted it's own canon to the point where.Well lets be honest made it a maze here is a small list of all the things that are unknown or argued about 

1st alien ressurection (which it's title is so ironic) 

1.says that wal-mart bought weyland

a.non canon consider this a ploy to gain ripley 8's trust

2.the xenos were wiped out 

a.non canon why? because they used that to also gain her trust and the novel that was a sequel dispproved that.

2nd Avp(the movie)

1.says that predators hunted xenos on earth long ago and collaberated which ancient nations(aztecs,mayans,egyptians) because it makes sense and there is no reason to complain and if memory serves,the xenomorphs were on earth long before that too?

2.chestbuster gestation 

a.non canon 

3rd AVP reqium 

A.EVERYTHING IS NON CANON,lets just pretend that ONE thing is which is the predator caster going to the Yutani corperation,forget the events we could write somthing less convoluted and stupid.


xenomorphs types,biology 

1.they eat things

a.I'm actually conflicted about this one why?we have seen it in TONS of games and lore but they have gone with out food for ages So we could say they don't have to eat all the time just when they may have to molt into the next canon 1/4 

2.The hybrid classes 

a.what I mean by this is.The predaliens having diffrent cycles example you could consider BG-386 a warrior or praetorion,also the ones in AVP2 were kinda weak and stood upright so they could be considered drones.But it's not just predaliens its the runners too,the crusher might be an example but ACM and its logic isn't worth arguing about in the slightest  and who knows the universe is still growing. so its to be decided

3.the jockey alien 

a.this one is simple the black liquid is diffrent the deacon is somthign diffrent from the others because the triobite has somthing to do with the facehugger it has not been tied in with the xenomorph,but to be honest I don't know because the jockey xeno in destroying angels was so cool and made sense so both the deacon and jockeymorph are canon 100% but seprate too. so canon

4.the chestbuster nonsense in ACM

a.I really did not want to talk about this but out of all the things this stupid betrayal that gearbox called a game this is the worst.Hell I might email fox if they want to consider the game non canon cause I sure do.But back to the point the Weyland-yutani scientist says that even if the chest burster is removed you will DIE,as it has a placenta(don't know if I spelt it right) then you just die BS there are so many accounts of them being removed and the person living it's so invalid. so non-canon 

Thats the end so what do you consider canon and what should I have talked about let me know in the comments