This blog is all about Alien 3 here is what is covers

1.The alternate scripts,ranging from okay,good,to stupid

2.both Cuts

3.the hate of alien 3 

4.what I like about alien 3

7.dedicated area too the Alien's earth hive trilogy being the actual film it could have been worse




1.Alien 3 had many diffrent variations,from the stupid alien virus,in which by the way there is a xenomorph chicken!There is one with it being on a prison but with WY(weyland-yutani) experimenting on the prisoners.There is one with monks and a wooden planet.One where NO JOKE xeno's can take over tech WTF.Some of them are good like the one involving monks,the Xeno experiments are okay.but I prefer that kept to the expanded universe.But I am so happy this film went the way it did because well there is somthings kept from this universe.BUT XENO chickens,and toasters and well IT could have been more dumb that the Walmart WY purchase.

S can you imagine a aliens game with xeno chickens and toasters that would be dumb but just pretty damn amusing. 

2.Some films have two cuts sadly EX:superman 2,I think both are good all around great the assembly version is good but if combined with some parts from the orginal like the royal face hugger the queen chestburster and the Dog being the host.It would be much more appeling.I just wish this film had more time put into it.It could be in it's own place away from the two grand films before it.

3.Everyone doesn't like alien 3 but of course ressurection made it a semi tolarable film to some.The deaths of Hicks and Newet were sad but also help set the film's tone(DONT MENTION ACM).I mean this film is bleak.Prisoners with a religion to keep them sane and then a woman comes which adds to an internal struggle.They all see the Runner as a devil in some form as most of the time they do simple things it is the film's heart.

On the effects which some loath CG is semi acceptable but not when the runner isn't moving because,It's kinda hard to make a grown man in a sweaty costume run fast.This is acceptable for the sake of the film's production.I do wish that they would do a rerelease and improve the CG just a tad.

4.If you don't like this movie don't read this move on.Alien 3 is a good film in it's own right.Why exactly? Because it hits you in the heart with character deaths and it's drama and mood.I never expected those deaths,the cremation scene is well made as two lives end a horror comes back to haunt the one who lived.Like a kind of divine punishment.The setting is depressing you know these prisoners have no hope are questioning their religion with Ripley's presence.I think that all the acting is good alot of the prisoners are all very unique when it comes to personalities.I just wish some of them had diffrent tattos on their heads so it would be easier to tell them apart.The new xeno the runner is great it is a great spectacle to help variate the lore,not to mention the royal facehugger and the queen chestburster which both look good on screen. 

Now on the ending I hated it and loved it.On one hand it ended the life of a great character and one who could never be challenged in the film industry.But on the other it was sad and great we knew Ripley sacrificed her self for the greater good knowing that WY is untrustable and greedy.She saved an unknown amout of lives,because lets face it trying to contain a xeno is impossible as they always get loose.The space jockeys couldn't and nor could WY.Also the epilogue with that music as she fell into the fire was great and with a lone survivor who is the only witness to a ending chapter of her life.Some of the prisoners new that their deaths were right as they saw redemption in it or survival,who knows.It was a great ending to the franchise I love the alien TRILOGY there are 3 films THREE FILMS ONLY! 

7 if they  did book trilogy  with  a long production film and they brought james cameron back.They most likely would have hit it out of the PARK with some adjustments.If you don't know some of the book's characters names were changed due to alien 3.I mean it could have been a greater ending and if they also changed up the stupid parts of Nighmare asylum too.They could have used minitures CG right,had tons of extra Alien suits drones,warrior and if they had thought about it before it existed animtronic praetorions and a queen.This could have set the series farther than the first films could.But sadly that neve happened and FOX kinda got arrogant with it's franchises and AVP happened.

8.If those scripts happened the franchise would proably die and go into the abyss of film thats all 

looking forward to the comics