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    Alien 3 blog

    October 24, 2014 by Xeno126

    This blog is all about Alien 3 here is what is covers

    1.The alternate scripts,ranging from okay,good,to stupid

    2.both Cuts

    3.the hate of alien 3 

    4.what I like about alien 3

    7.dedicated area too the Alien's earth hive trilogy being the actual film it could have been worse




    1.Alien 3 had many diffrent variations,from the stupid alien virus,in which by the way there is a xenomorph chicken!There is one with it being on a prison but with WY(weyland-yutani) experimenting on the prisoners.There is one with monks and a wooden planet.One where NO JOKE xeno's can take over tech WTF.Some of them are good like the one involving monks,the Xeno experiments are okay.but I prefer that kept to the expanded universe.But I am so…

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  • Xeno126

    Scar face you could say IS THE most badass predator of all time with tons of trophies and kills also restoring his position.he has wiped tons of crime organizations off the map killed the most dangourus things in the city at the time it be a Jamaican mutant or a abomdible human yatjua hybrid.He has so many weapons,all of great quality he vocal mimics all the time which he does ironiclly in some cases mocking his prey and destroying lots of xenomorphs too bad fox isn't smart enough. Damn as I writing this I might work for fox one day and get the record straight before a company steals the franchise,I actually wish a great dream ACM live action series with no CG and one episode per month due to time

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  • Xeno126

    Over the course of this francise it has constantly,questioned,conterdicted it's own canon to the point where.Well lets be honest made it a maze here is a small list of all the things that are unknown or argued about 

    1st alien ressurection (which it's title is so ironic) 

    1.says that wal-mart bought weyland

    a.non canon consider this a ploy to gain ripley 8's trust

    2.the xenos were wiped out 

    a.non canon why? because they used that to also gain her trust and the novel that was a sequel dispproved that.

    2nd Avp(the movie)

    1.says that predators hunted xenos on earth long ago and collaberated which ancient nations(aztecs,mayans,egyptians) because it makes sense and there is no reason to complain and if memory serves,the xenomorphs were on ear…

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  • Xeno126

    it was less then staller game and in the industry there is still money to be made 2 or 4 years of development and fox and a well known fps company like Bethesda gearbox is no longer trustable on any franchise besides borderlands in the end if they had done ACM right it would have made millions more than borderlands 2 due to it being able to attract non gamers any almost every single fan to it the ALIEN franchise can make a lot and it seems creative assembly is taking advantage of that and Rebellion also did they too can still make money with the comic like storyline being continued from their 2010 title. to put it simple a good aliens game will make a lot of money and dlc too skin dlc story dlc, maybe even releasing novel as prequels to th…

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  • Xeno126


    March 30, 2013 by Xeno126

    many of the novels are stubs and have no pictures I want to help improve these articles mainly the predator ones If you are able look for aliens and predator novels on It is very east to find them on there

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