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Xenomorph: XenoAlpha

Specimen 2
Biographical information

Xenomorph "King"/Alpha

Physical description

Yautja-Xenomorph Hybrid/Predomorph





Hair color

Blackish-silver and Predator like/non-segmented

Eye color



Enhanced Xenomorphs

Notable Facts

In Predator Bio-vision, it appears orange where normal Predalien's appear yellow and normal aliens appear green. More Pred than Xenomorph.




XenoAlpha(or "Duel") is an enhanced Predalien, created in a controlled environment by scientist. Wolf was it's host and it's Biological brother XenoDelta's hosts as well. It's main purpose was to defend the Humans should the Predators return to earth to retrieve their stolen technology. Out of the three Predaliens created it is the and smartest of them all. It's strength is matched only by the Predatorian.

Appearance and Biology

Duel was specifacally designed to incorparate the best aspects from it's host's DNA. It was also engineered to hunt down and kill predators.

He, like a normal Predalien, was yellow-tan in coloration, but a darker shade as opposed to green-yellow variant. It's head was shorter than a normal Alien's. It was 35 or 40% predator where the other, natural-born Predaliens are only 10 to 15% predator. It's blood is acidic, but not nearly as potent as a Drone's. Instead of eating through items, it simple irritates them, similar to being splashed with hot water.

He's much buffer than the Predalien, as well as taller, and able to procreate with other humans, predators, and aliens due to the fertility pheremones introduced by humans.



AVP: Crisis

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