Recently I've gotten into a bit of a squabble about the "correct" way to reference things. It is my belief that references should actually refer to the source via a link. The way this wiki is set up, however, uses a more MLA citation-esque type of format.

Now, I've only just begun, but I've asked around on other wikis and at least one other admin agrees with me that MLA-esque citations are not reader-friendly. Direct references to the source via links invoke more of a "here you go" feeling while citations to the source invoke more of a "find it yourself/take our word for it" feeling, since these sources aren't easily accessible.

I believe direct references should be used over citations or that the two could at least be mixed somehow. I understand the copyright issues of uploading directly, but that's why offsite things like google docs, photobucket, and dropbox exist. For the record, however, I've never come across a wiki that was taken down for having pictures of a book or video links or any such thing like that. I'm not saying it's never HAPPENED but I've been only plenty of Wikias.

And I've never seen it once.

Comments, questions, concerns?