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AVP: War

So I just got the book Aliens vs. Predator: War (novel)]] and I'm going to jot down the interesting information I find in list format, which pages and all. Since I'm not great at sourcing, it'd be a big help if you all helped me put the information where it needed to go. Pages are found in parenthesis.

  • Hunter Musk, a detectable-by-humans smell that comes off of Yautja during an exciting excursion, such as a hunt. Smells "animal" and "cloying". It excites predators and can do the same to humans in great enough amounts. -- (1,2) Similar to sweat, it moistens the face and dreadlocks. (52)
  • Human "predators" seem to be treated with some measure of discrimination, with Blooded, experienced humans forced to take up the rear, behind newer hunters. (1,2)
  • Body netting has an adjustable thermostat. The lowest setting is still uncomfortable for a human, indicating Yautja prefer/developed in hotter climes.(2)
  • A Burner is an Alien Rifle (3), not a Plasmacaster.
  • Some hunts are not officially scored. (1-4)
  • Shortly is only a head taller than Machiko Noguchi, making him far undersized for a predator. His size means other predators bully him and he, in turn, singles out Machiko, the only other hunter smaller than he is.(5-7)
  • Clans had etiquette. The greatest offense was to laugh at another hunter, even if they were poor at hunting or made a particularly bad mistake. (7)
  • Poor unblooded hunters are assigned to the most protected area of the hunt: the middle. (7)
  • Scar (AVP: War), Yautja. (8)
  • Noguchki has never seen or heard of female hunters after a year of living with the Predators (even though the males speak respectfully of them). This implies there are far more male hunters than female. (9)
  • There are strict rules about hunting sentient species. However, many predators want these laws repealed, particularly younger ones. (23)
  • Predator lore says that the Xenomorphs evolved simultaneously on different world. Machiko suspects this being the predators trying to cover themselves from spreading the species from world to world for hunting purposes. (24)
  • Three-Spot, a Blooded Yautja.(25)
  • H'sai-de - A scythe-sword, capable of cutting Queens from their eggsacks. (27)
  • A fully adult Yautja weighs more than twice the weight of a female human. (29)
  • The taking of Queens for hunts is so common there is a term for it: Hunt Seeder. (36)
  • Seeding Ships -- A ship designed to carry a Queen and a small contingent of her brood. Designed with Xenomorph behavior in mind. (39)
  • Slats, Unblooded Predator (39)
  • Minikui, Predator (52)
  • Tress, Predator (52)
  • Stronger, older hunters are given individual luxury rooms. Younger, lower ranked predators sleep together on mats in the same room. Because she is different, Machiko gets her own room. (56)
  • Training Ship -- Yautja spacecraft specially made for improving new hunters, via hunting and on-ship training. Usually carries 12 or so students, but larger ones can carry up to 40. (56)
  • Creep was Machiko's dog. (56)
  • A day, for a Yautja, is about 30 hours. The Yautja themselves sleep for about 10 hours. (68)
  • S'pke, is a Yautja breakfast item, a fruit stew, indicating the Yautja -- while mainly carnivorous -- are omnivores.
  • Sakana, a young male Predator.(68)
  • Yautja do not find human females attractive enough to find a naked one arousing at all. (69)
  • Xenophobia is not uncommon in predators. While they will give other species their honors, they are by no means warm and welcoming. They are tolerant and often sub or ignore non-Yautja hunters. (Book wide)
  • TopKnot knows sign language. (77)
  • A high-ranking predator losing a fight to a low-ranking predator is grounds for the losers demotion in rank and possible banishment from all hunts. (78)
  • Being asked to fight an unblooded is a serious slight to Blooded predators. (84)
  • Not all Clan Leaders are old. Some are young, not much older than an unblooded. (84)