A fan sequel i'm thinking up for AVP:R.

All plot ideas and OC characters belong to me.


The Plasma pistol Wolf dropped has been taken and is being disected and expirimented upon. Knowing of the creatures existence, they keep it under high alert. It has come to the Gov's attention Xenomorph (Alien) do an exceptional job of fending off predators, even killing them, thus they take and alter leftover Facehuggers that weren't quite killed by the explosion. An incapacitated Wolf and what little remains of the Predalien is brought in to be expiramented on as well(because if Scarface can survive a Wrist bomb explosion, why can't Wolf? Aliens, however, don't do well in fire or explosions for that matter.).

Two Blooded Predators and an Elite are sent to earth to retrieve Wolf and the Plasma pistol from the humans.

Meanwhile the contained Wolf has been impregnated by a Facehugger by order of the scientist. They surgically remove the Chestburster and allow it to grow while implanting ANOTHER parasite in Wolf by an enhanced Facehugger. Wolf is seen as useless afterwards, once they comfirm he's to heavily damaged to survive anything more they dispose of him.

The resulting Predalien brothers are agressive towards each other and territorial, however comunicate nicely with the other Hybrid aliens created from verious animals. The humans are sure to keep the two predaliens, named XenoBeta and XenoAlpha, away from each other.


Name: Lar'ja(Dark)

  • Nickname: Night
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 7'3
  • Description: Dark is a dark greyish-tan Yautja with black and dusky-silver dreadlocks. He has a few 'hairs' on his face which are black indicating he is has been a Blooded warrior for some time. He is a heavily Scared warrior, as his mandibles have been ripped from black except his lower right tusk(only half of it remains). Some of his dreadlocks have been copped, shredded, bitten, or completely taken off. His claws are jet, shiny black and worn down from previous fights. His shoulders hold long, deep, old Scar's and one of his eyes is completely gone.


  • Night is unique from other predators due to the backwards pointing ridges on his arms which has been shown to be used as a weapon, capable of gutting a man.
  • His Mandibles were torn from his face by a Praetorian which he killed with his bare claws.


Night is somewhat of a loner as he choses to hunt alone instead of in the relatively close company of his cousin and sister. He's arrogant and confident, refusing an offered Medicomp from his cousin and refusing to bring one along with him just in case. Night is also impulsive and headstrong, rushing head first into the waiting arms of XenoAlpha and XenoBeta, something that ultimately leads to his death.

Tools of the Hunt

Kwei'Halkrath(Sly Shadow)

  • Nickname: Mirage
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height:6'8
  • Description: Mirage is a small Yaujta but his stealth is extraordinary to the point where he doesn't need a Cloaking Device to hunt efficiently. He is a younger male, choosing to use stealth over strength. He is strong however, dealing enough damage to Aleoness before XenoAlpha interferes and Searer pulls him to safety, scolding him for being so rash. His dreads are pure black, his skin is dusky yellow, and his eyes are grey-ish blue.


Mirage is a fearless fighter, but can become hesitant when outmatched. He tends to be rash and headstrong in hand-to-hand combet, but from a distance he is intelligent and able to plan.


  • Mirage's eyes are blue, something never seen on a Predator before. He is shorter than a normal Predator, shorter than Scar by three inches.

Tools of the Hunt

D'lex'r'ka(Metallic Fire)

  • Nickname:Searer
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 7'6
  • Description: A tall, dark grey predator decorated in tiger-like blood red stripes along her skin, Seare is the tallest Predator the appear on-screen. She has black dereadlocks, tipped with red and red eyes. Her claws are also black-tipped red and her face resembles a Super Predator a fraction.


Many speculate her huge size and unusual appearance by a Predator's standards is due to the fact she is the daughter of Mr.Black who is a super Predator and also a Bad Blood. This has caused her to become quite irate and violence prone.


  • Her claws are tipped red as well as her black dreadlocks. She looks more like a Super Predator.
  • She is very tall

Tools of the Hunt



XenoAlpha is a large Enhanced Predalien. He has more Predator traits, but less Skeletal.