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    October 5, 2016 by Werebereus

    So I've been thinking about Predaliens and what role they could possibly serve in the hive. Generally, they seem to be sort of a heavy assault unit, with all examples so far excepting Chet seeming to fit this description. They serve as bosses (or at least minibosses) and are the main antagonists in whatever story they happen to be in. Indeed, the Predalien is nothing to be taken lightly.

    The Earth Predalien seems to be anomalous. For reasons completely unexplained, instead of being a super-warrior, it was somehow a juvenile Queen Alien in addition to being a superior combatant. Even in the movie, there was no indication given that the Predalien was trying to become a physical, full-fledged Queen. Sure it built a hive, but Xenomorphs have be…

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  • Werebereus

    Predator Society

    April 17, 2016 by Werebereus

    The vast majority of all Predators are hunters, proper or not.

    The sex ratio concerning male and female predators has never been revealed, however all evidence suggests it is fairly equal.

    Not all Yautja are hunters. Older predators, likely too old to partake in anymore hunts, busy themselves with matters of Philosophy.

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  • Werebereus

    AVP: War

    April 12, 2016 by Werebereus

    So I just got the book Aliens vs. Predator: War (novel)]] and I'm going to jot down the interesting information I find in list format, which pages and all. Since I'm not great at sourcing, it'd be a big help if you all helped me put the information where it needed to go. Pages are found in parenthesis.

    • Hunter Musk, a detectable-by-humans smell that comes off of Yautja during an exciting excursion, such as a hunt. Smells "animal" and "cloying". It excites predators and can do the same to humans in great enough amounts. -- (1,2) Similar to sweat, it moistens the face and dreadlocks. (52)
    • Human "predators" seem to be treated with some measure of discrimination, with Blooded, experienced humans forced to take up the rear, behind newer hunters. (1,…
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  • Werebereus


    March 23, 2016 by Werebereus

    Recently I've gotten into a bit of a squabble about the "correct" way to reference things. It is my belief that references should actually refer to the source via a link. The way this wiki is set up, however, uses a more MLA citation-esque type of format.

    Now, I've only just begun, but I've asked around on other wikis and at least one other admin agrees with me that MLA-esque citations are not reader-friendly. Direct references to the source via links invoke more of a "here you go" feeling while citations to the source invoke more of a "find it yourself/take our word for it" feeling, since these sources aren't easily accessible.

    I believe direct references should be used over citations or that the two could at least be mixed somehow. I under…

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  • Werebereus


    June 22, 2011 by Werebereus

    A tall, dark grey predator decorated in tiger-like blood red stripes along her skin, Seare is the tallest Predator the appear on-screen. She has black dereadlocks, tipped with red and red eyes. Her claws are also black-tipped red and her face resembles a Super Predator a fraction.

    Many speculate her huge size and unusual appearance by a Predator's standards is due to the fact she is the daughter of Mr.Black who is a super Predator and also a Bad Blood. This has caused her to become quite irate and violence prone.

    • Blazer(weapon)
    • Plate Armor
    • Bio mask
    • Short Swords
    • Medicomp
    • Claw Glove
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