Just what is the xenomorphs gender? The topic of what the xenomorphs gender is has been heavily debated by many fans. Some say that xenomorphs are male & female, while Most say that xenomorphs simply don't have a gender and are asexual. However, there are people like me, who strongly believe that xenomorphs are female only & males are non-existist, and there is strong evidence to support this... 

For starters, xenomorphs have been compared to social insects, Like bees, ants & termites, this is called eusociality, which is the highest level of animal sociality & is defined as cooperative brood care, overlapping generations within the colony of adults, and a division labour into reproductive & non-reproductive groups. Xenomorphs do display eusociality, dispite being primarily solitary ambush predators, but do adopt swarm tactics when acting in larger groups. In eusocial insects, the queen takes the role as the sole reproducer, while soliders & workers work together to create a living sitution favorable for the brood. The xenomorph queen takes on the responsibility as the sole reproducer of the hive. But in order for eusocial insect queens to start a colony, they need to mate, as eggs that are fertilised will be female, however, for the xenomorph queen, she doesn't need to mate in order to reproduce. The xenomorph queen can reproduce parthenogenetically, which is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization. In apomictic parthenogenesis, the offspring are clones of the mother and hence are usually female. When meiosis is involved, the sex of the offspring will depend on the type of sex-determination system & the type of apomixis. In species that use the XY sex-determination system. parthenrgenetic offspring will have two X chromosomes and are female. In species that use the ZW sex-determination system, the offspring genotype may be one of ZW (female), ZZ (male), or WW (non-viable in most species but a fertile, viable female in a few). We could say that because the xenomorph queen could be using the XY sex-determination system, her offspring will all be female. Or she could be polyploid obligate parthenogenetic, which all offspring are female. An example of that would be the New Mexico whiptail lizard, which is a female species of lizard where males are non-existist, and parthenogenesis allows the resulting all-female population to reproduce. Reproducing Polyploid obligate parthengenogentically allows the Xenomorph queen to not only reproduce without the need for mating, but it also makes each and everyone of her children all female, in other words, every xenomorph she produced are her daughters. This could be fact or speculation.

But there is more stronger evidence to xenomorphs being only female, and that evidence can be found in "Alien vs. Predator (2010)". In the predator campaign, you, playing as dark predator will enter a sort of large battle arena, where you face off against 1 or 2 praetorians. Your clan leader, Spartan tells you, "This echelon of the brood is rare. They are more powerful than their sisters". That line there alone is very strong evidence there that xenomorphs are indeed female, and it came straight from your clan leader. But still, the gender of the xenomorph is widely debated, there have even been numerous of canon & non-canon arugement to the subject. In "Aliens: Nightmare Asylum", It is mentioned that there were a few male xenomorphs. It is stated that males will fight eachother to the death so that they will mate with the xenomorph queen. The queen would than fight the male herself, and if he survives, he will get to mate with her. After mating with the queen, he is then killed. This behavior is a bit similar to that of a species of bee Called, Amegilla dawsoni, or in other terms, Dawson's bees, which the males of the species are so aggressive that they will kill eachother in a bid to mate with females. However, only in the EU non-canon universe, do male Xenomorphs exist. There have even been several in-universe sources that state that xenomorphs are in fact, asexual. Still, we may never surely truely know the anwser, as the debate still continues, but from what research I've done on the xenomorph for a long time now, I know for sure, xenomorphs are all female.

And while others will argue against it, as they do have they're own opinion, as do I, but there are people like me, who say xenomorphs are all female, would strongly agree.