Ok... So Its been what? 3 months seen I've done anything here on this wiki. So... Whats going on in my life? Well, for starters...

I survived Hurricane Irma, as i have with 2 of the others hurricanes in my childhood, However, my home got flooded and me, mom & her boyfriend (who BTW is a f*cking asshole) had to spend the night in a 2 to 3 inch flooded house and believe me... It was a LONG night, we had to keep the lanai open to get air in the house, not only would you hear the sounds of the wind blowing hard, calm down a bit then blow harder again and again, but you'd also hear the loud croaking of frogs as their enjoying the new wetlands feeding and spawning. I slept on the couch because my room was flooding and i had alot of stuff from my floor on my bed and the poor dog, goliath, he's a chuweenie, couldn't go out because everything round us was flooded. I woke up like 3 to 4 times until moring FINALLY came and with some of our things packed, got the Hell out of the house. Let me tell you, My neighborhood was a lake now, there were kids in my neighborhood kayaking in the flooded streets. We had to walk through the flooded neighborhood until we came across an old man & lady who lived at the enterace of the neighborhood and the lady was nice enough to give us a ride to my mom's boyfriend's place. He lives on the 3rd floor of a community and his community had power.

So during the first few days, I slepted on the couch until I got an air mattress that I'm still sleeping on in the spare room. I've been finally reading my Alien Invasion book, finished it finally and already at chapter 18 of Alien vs Predator armageddon. We had to go back to the house to pack up some shit and my Alien & predator stuff, and the house smelled like a swamp and it still smells bad. So until the house is fixed up, mom and I are going to be living with her boyfriend, a nice guy from times, but he is a bit of an asshole and Honestly, I can't wait til' we have our house fixed up.

It was also my boyfriend's first time experiencing a hurricane since he lived up north for most of his life, he lives on the first floor of his community and he was lucky his place didn't get flooded. As everything was starting to return to normal else where and not my house, though the neighborhood itself returned to normal, again not my house, me and my boyfriend finally saw the new IT movie, I got to say, very different from the IT mini series with tim curry, I never read the book and probably a good thing I never did, and I don't think I have to explain why, my boyfriend never saw the IT mini series, we'll have to watch that together. Fall is finally here, I love fall, october is coming soon and my boyfriend and I are going to see the MLP movie because we love ponies.

I've been more active on my predator Fan App, posting shit & chating with my Predheads, maybe i'll blog about it someday. So yeah, thats pretty much whats been going on in my life right now. I'll let you all know when life for me is getting back to normal. Now if you all may excuse me, I got some reading and chating with my Predheads to do. See you all later. Bye!