Ok, so we all remember that scene is Alien When Ripley runs to Parker & Lambert's aid While hearing the panicked screams of Lambert and finds Parker & Lambert dead, Right? If you don't remember that scene, Well then your gonna need to make yourself some popcorn, pop in a DVD of Alien, sit back and Enjoy. Don't have Alien on DVD? Well then go on Xfinity and seacrh for the movie. Can't find it on Xfinity? Well then I don't know what to tell you. Anyways, for those of you that do remember, have you ever wondered happened to Lambert? We all know the Alien kills her, but how exactly? Well, judging for the fact that Lambert panically screaming and we find her hanging corpse without her cowboy boots and bloody, so naturally, fans have speculated that Lambert was "raped" before the Alien killed her, how thats so was that the Drone killed her by coursing its tail through her vagina. Well that is both true and false, True the Alien did Course it's tail up Lambert's vigina, but calling it rape is not accurate. By definition, Sexual Coercion in animals is the use of violence, threat, harassment, and other tactics to help them forcefully copulate, and such behavior has been compared to sexual assault, Including rape, which is the act of a person involving intercourse with another person without that person's consent. Male Sea otters for example have been known to forcibly copulate with juvenile Harbor seals, sometimes resulting in death for the young seals. To call what the alien did to Lambert "Rape" is not even remotely correct.  But we also have to understand the behavior of the Xenomorphs when they hunt humans, Xenomorphs can detect pheromones from their prey and other Xenomorphs, and the scent of their prey's fear when confronted may determine the behavior and hostility of Xenomorphs when they attack. When a Xenomorph senses that their victims are terrified, they may perform excruciating, bloody kills while cleaner, faster kills take place when the prey either doesn't notice the Xenomorph or is less aware of its presence. Also, and this is rather interesting, In the Alien: Isolation DLC, Last Survivor, You find Parker & Lambert's corpses, however, Lambert's corpse is lying on a crate instead of hanging from the ceiling like in the movie, And there is also blood flowing from between her legs and out of her mouth, implying the "Rape" scenario by fans once again. Ok, well if thats the case, mind explaining to me how rape makes blood come out of your mouth? And I just so happen to know that while playing specimen 6 in AVP3 (2010), one of 6's Attacks/kills involves shoving her speared tail up your victims asses and the spear tail exits the mouth, If you don't believe me, play the game yourself, or go on youtube and search it up. And So based on what we know here, with the blood coming out from between her legs and mouth, and one 6's Attacks/Kills is Impaling victims up they're asses, I can finally conclude that Lambert, given the position that she was in, was giving off alot of fear and the Alien, sensing that fear, kills her in an excruciating way by shoving It's speared tail up Lambert's Vigina and slowly up her mouth, where doing so, lifted her body upwards and the collar of her shirt got caught on the chains and her cowboy boots fell off. And because the Alien's tail was making its way up Lambert's mouth slowly, Lambert felt every agonizing pain going up her body, which would explain all the screaming. The Alien then runs off leaving behind the bodies of Parker & Lambert. So there for, Lambert was NOT "Raped", She was just killed in slow and painful way because of fear. It just goes to show that we should not take things so literal. At least thats what I'm hoping for the moral of this blog... Since when does my blogs do morals??? Uh, well, I hope I've disproved the "Rape" scenario that these "Fans" are so fond of and uncovered the truth behind Lamberts death. And hopefully you at least find this topic Interesting.