So Finally I get to talk about the Predator Fan App! I Honestly don't know where to start with this one because there is just so much to talk about. For those of you that don't know, The Predator Fan App is a free app that you can download on your phone and interact with other Predheads and post anything alien & Predator. I learned about this app last year while doing my usual browsing through AVPGalaxy and It did take me a bit sometime before I finally decided to download It, It was free afterall.

I guess I can start with what to do once you download the Predator Fan App. First, you get on the app and start your account, make a profile pretty much, and password because you can sign in & out of the app, Me personally, I never sign out of the app on my phone, the only times I do sign into the app is when I get into the app online, but I'll talk about that later on. Once you create your profile, you'll find that the app has a variety of stuff to explore on it, Where to start? Well, I'd start with Predator Fan App 101 or How-To, which is where you watch instructional videos by Hunter tory & Hunter Dave, who are dressed up like the men in black and they're faces are pixelated explain how to use the app and It's Features, there are 5 videos so far and to get to them you can A, stroll down and click How-To which will have a circle with a "?" on it or it will appear right under your rank meter which I'll talk about as well. Once your done with how-To, What to do next?

Well, lets talk about what the app has to offer. -If you click on what looks like an "=" sign if it had 3 lines which will be right above your profile picture, it'll take you to where you can browse by topic.

-Right next to it is what looks like an article page, click on that and It'll show you Articles, Challenges, Rewards, Social, videos, discussions, photos, comics, polls, GIFs and Quizzes

-The speechbubble will take you to Forum, which is where our community of predheads can post anything alien and predator, whether it be picture you find on the internet or videos you record on you phone, they will occasionally post unrelated topics from time to time, but its ok as long as you don't go too off topic, otherwise, you can post stuff like your collection of all things alien & predator, your alien & predator drawings and even your pets and whatever plans you have coming up. If your going to start posting, Be sure that you keep politics, real world news, talk of religion and just anything that is offencive or insulting out of it, because those kinds of topics are going to cause disagreements and arguments and we don't need that happening in our peaceful community of predheads.

One time, someone posted a picture of Donald Trump and predator with the tagline "Trump's new bodyguard" or something above the line of that and needless to say, a small disagreement broke out and in the end it was agreed that anything involving politics should not be posted on the app, I mean afterall, we use the app to interact, share our interests and love for alien & predator and makes friends as well as escape from the real world, NOT have any reminder of how horrible the real world is thrown back at us and have it cause disagreements and arguments that will ruin how great and peaceful our community is.

-The bell is your notifications

-The Happy face is your profile

-The Magnifying glass is your search for, that one is obvious

-The 3 dots on top of eachother is your settings

-WTF which is the predator holding the pizza is where things get weird, not bad weird, more of a funny Haha weird

-Announcements are the predator news you can use, essentially whats new on the app

-Throwback is live everyday like its #TBT, pretty much pictures, GIFs and videos from the movies

-Referral Program is where you! yes you! Refer friends to win prizes

-Predator show or The Rundown are videos where Hunter Dave & Tory take you into the world of Predator. There are 3 videos out now but for a long time there was only 1 video out, I even made a post questioning why there hasn't been any new Rundown videos

-Missions is where you do polls and Quizzes and earn Skulls... Yeah That I'll talk about later on as well

-Deep Cuts is where you learn about obscure predator facts, Trivia and true gems

-Emojis, Yes emojis, now We all know that most, if not, All emojis are pretty bad, the Emoji movie is pretty Cancerous... Why the F*ck does that movie exist and why did they think it was a good idea to make a movie about F*cking emojis??? Whats next? A movie about dank memes? I'm also pretty sure it ripped off the lego movie which is WAY more watchable, but I digress... Sorry. BUT! Predator emojis on the other hand are awesome, Cute and they most certainly will not give you cancer. You can use them on the app for your posts but there is also a way that you can use them on your phone as well, there is a How-To on that

-How-To Already talked about that

-Buy Now is where you go buy Alien & Predator Stuff

-And Finally Soundboards

Now I mentioned Rank meter & Skulls, So we're going to talk about that! You'll start off as a youngblood and just like a youngblood, you'll rank up to become a blooded, Like myself, then Elite, and then Yautja leader. In order to rank up however, you need Skulls and lot of them too. In order to get skulls, you need to post, like other predhead's post, Following other predheads, creating discussions and do missions, as I mentioned earlier, though you get more skull when you do missions. I have 52.9K lifetime Skulls, Need 47,091 skulls to become an Yautja leader, and 46,599 skulls available, but you wanna know what else you can do with those skullls? Spend them and send gifts to the friends that you made on the app, You can send them a box of pencils that say CIA on it, a t-rex, SGT Rock Comic, Dutch with a mud mask on, Dillon's arm holding the gun and the Choppa, Only a True predator fan would get what they mean. But be careful on how much skulls you spend on those gifts, because the more skulls you use the spend on gifts for your fellow predheads, it will lower your rank meter and it'll take you a bit longer to rank up, and those gifts aren't cheap either, so best to gift your fellow predheads back after they gifted you.

Now lets talk about the pros & Cons of the app. Now as great as this app is... Its not without its flaws however and you may encounter some problems with the app from time to time, so we're gonna start off with the cons just to get it out of the way and then talk about the pros.

-Cons: So lets start off with a few minor flaws that are more of an annoyance then a problem.

You may find yourself on the app doing something when for no reason, it stops working, but its ok because when you back to the app, its working pretty well, this will happen from time to time. But let me tell you that its annoying when it happens, like when your browsing the app, looking at your notifications, and Its especially annoying when your trying to post something and all of a sudden, it stops working and you'll have to go back and repost. But that's really minor compaired to these other problems I have to talk about.

When posting an image on the app, depending on the image size, you'll find that it'll sometimes have these ugly black frames on the sides and theres nothing you can really do about. I was always annoyed with this, but overtime I learned to just deal with it and you'll learn to deal with that too.

Now when its comes to videos, first off, there is a time limit of 25 seconds, so whatever your recording, its not going to long. Secondly, you can't post already recorded videos saved on your phone, even if it is 25 seconds long. But the real problem comes when your predheads comment on how they can't see your videos or they can see your videos but have no audio... I have had this problem obviously... Anytime I posted a video on the app, my fellow predheads would inform me that for some ever reason they can't view my videos, and some that can see my videos but can't hear whats going on in the videos. When ever my predheads post a video, I have no issues with they're videos, but for some reason there are issues with my videos, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my crap phone, which is a Motorola Android verson 5.1, I can't even send or receive pictures/videos on this damn phone and its storage is limited, luckly I'm going to be getting a new phone soon. So depending on the phone you have, you may or may not have this problem, better hope you don't have that problem, if you do, you'll have to learn to deal with it.

This one was a problem, for me at least because it happened all the damn time up until the app recently updated, and you may or may not encounter this problem. So at one point, anytime I tried to go to my notifications, the app would stop working, so I'd get back on the app and go to my notifications only to find the app stop working and this would happen every god damn time, and the only way I would be able to get to my notifications would be to sign in online on the app's website. as I said before, this was a problem up until the app updated and I found that I can actually go to my notifications without any problems... we'll see how long that lasts before I encounter that problem all over again...

The Biggest problem that I have encountered on the app, and this really only happened once and hasn't happened again since. So I was on the app when it suddenly stops working, ok, whatever, like I said before it happens from time to time, but when I tried getting on the community, it stops working, so I get back on the app and on to the community and guess what... I f*cking stops working! I was at this point pretty annoyed and pissed about this to the point where I had to go online and post that I'm having issues with the app not letting me into the community and turns out I wasn't the only one having this issue. Eventually I'm able to get back onto the community but with a new problem where if I stroll down previous posts the app stops working, again, I wasn't the only one having this problem. I don't know what the hell happened that day on the app, but whatever happened, it was fixed thankfully and hopefully that don't happen again.

And finally a problem I feel needs to be addressed, and they are the fake accounts. While I haven't encountered an fake account myself, I know some of my other predheads who have, one of them was my new friend (I'll talk more about her in the pros), she was really pissed that someone with a fake account somehow got into her account and changed her profile picture, she couldn't change the profile picture, seeing this of course I made a post to try to cheer her up, even if it help a little, she is my friend and I hated seeing her go through all that bullsh*t. Heres the thing with me, If anybody comes for my friends and my boyfriend, I'll f*cking come for your f*cking life! I'm one that will come to the aid of a friend and defend them. I then made another post addressing the issue with these fake accounts and that anybody with a fake account needs to knock that sh*t out. I'm warning you right f*cking now and its your only and possibly last warning, If you try making a fake account on the app... well my little fakers, your in for a world of hurt, a storm will be coming to you.

-Pros: Even though the app does have issues from time to time, really though they are minor. Now that the cons are out of the way, Lets talk about the pros, and boy do I have good things to say about this app.

In a lot off fandoms, your gonna have fans with clashing opinions on certain subjects in a fandom, and they'll go from being straight-up A-holes to one another to being at eachother's throats, and the Alien/predator fandom is no exception. I remember my boyfriend making a comment about that after I corrected him on something he said about alien & predator. Now with an app full of Predator fans, you probably expect flame wars to break out all the time on the app, however, the people on the app are actually really nice and friendly to eachother and respect eachother's opinions regarding anything predator. Occasionally disagreements do break out but they are rare, again, everybody on the app are really nice, friendly and supportive, Its a nice and very peaceful community. In the app, we're more then friends, we're a tribe, a family, we're all brothers and sisters. I've made lots of friends on this app and I'd like to give a shout out to them!

-My new friend CityHunterLuv, She is pretty cool and friendly. She loves predator and all things predator, her favorite yautja is city hunter. Honestly, she is probably just as crazy for predator as I am. While I have seen pictures of her because she will occasionally post selfies, and I have heard her voice in a few videos she posts, I have yet to physically meet her or even talk to her, hopefully I'll actually get to meet her in person, maybe when we see the predator.

-Pereira (or Pereira Labs on YouTube) Is a cool guy with artistic and photography talents, and he is also a musician, I really love his song Road to nowhere (sadly you can't listen to it on his youtube because he unlisted it).Reminds me of 3 Days Grace.

-Pygmi (Pygmi Skirmishes on YouTube) Is also a really cool guy from the UK as well as another new friend of mine, he does airsoft and does charity for Pilgrim Bandits which is a charity that helps veterans. For every Donation you send to him through paypal, he'll give you a patch and a letter thanking you for your donation. I Donated myself and got a patch from him. Really nice guy. He even met and Interviewed Ian Whyte, yes, THE Ian Whyte who played Scar, Celtic, Chopper, Ancient, Wolf and last engineer... How Awesome is That!?!

-JurassicYautja (under same username on both his steam & YouTube) Another cool guy and new friend of mine, he is a gamer, plays skyrim with predator mods, Godzilla unleased as he is also a Godzilla fan and loves the Jurassic Park movies. I am also a big Godzilla fan and I love Jurassic park because I love dinosaurs.

-Predhead218 (Predator Collectibles on YouTube) also Another cool guy who has a HUGE predator collection and has a youtube channel where he talk about his collection and live streams. Check out his channel!

-Alien_Theory (Alien Theory on YouTube) does mostly alien related videos with a few predator videos here and there, you should check his videos out.

-Reyals Is a cool artist.

-Clauriel Is a also a cool artist and makes cool necklesses.

-Celtic Is a cool cosplayer.

-BeastSoul Is an amazing artist with a talent of drawing predators and xenos, I love her style of drawing.




-Chiasma Is a young but cool artist as well, I love the way he draws his predators.

-PxssyFace I'm not quite sure what he does but is a predator fan and is also cool despite him thinking scar predator is ugly... Which is not true, Scar is beautiful!

-ELDERPREDATOR Is also another cool cosplayer


Just to name a few because there are a lot of awesome people on the predator Fan App, all them artist, cosplayers, convention goers, collectors, gamers, and just in general crazy predator fans.