So Finally I get to talk about the Predator Fan App! I Honestly don't know where to start with this one because there is just so much to talk about. For those of you that don't know, The Predator Fan App is a free app that you can download on your phone and interact with other Predheads and post anything alien & Predator. I learned about this app last year while doing my usual browsing through AVPGalaxy and It did take me a bit sometime before I finally decided to download It, It was free afterall.

I guess I can start with what to do once you download the Predator Fan App. First, you get on the app and start your account, make a profile pretty much, and password because you can sign in & out of the app, Me personally, I never sign out of the app on my phone, the only times I do sign into the app is when I get into the app online, but I'll talk about that later on. Once you create your profile, you'll find that the app has a variety of stuff to explore on it, Where to start? Well, I'd start with Predator Fan App 101 or How-To, which is where you watch instructional videos by Hunter tory & Hunter Dave, who are dressed up like the men in black and they're faces are pixelated explain how to use the app and It's Features, there are 5 videos so far and to get to them you can A, stroll down and click How-To which will have a circle with a "?" on it or it will appear right under your rank meter which I'll talk about as well. Once your done with how-To, What to do next?

Well, lets talk about what the app has to offer. -If you click on what looks like an "=" sign if it had 3 lines which will be right above your profile picture, it'll take you to where you can browse by topic.

-Right next to it is what looks like an article page, click on that and It'll show you Articles, Challenges, Rewards, Social, videos, discussions, photos, comics, polls, GIFs and Quizzes

-The speechbubble will take you to Forum, which is where our community of predheads can post anything alien and predator, whether it be picture you find on the internet or videos you record on you phone, they will occasionally post unrelated topics from time to time, but its ok as long as you don't go too off topic, otherwise, you post stuff like your collection of all things alien & predator, your alien & predator drawings and even your pets and whatever plans you have coming up. If your going to start posting, Be sure that you keep politics, real world news, talk of religion and just anything that is offencive or insulting out of it, because those kinds of topics are going to cause disagreements and arguments and we don't need that happening in our peaceful community of predheads.

One time, someone posted a picture of Donald Trump and predator with the tagline "Trump's new bodyguard" or something above the line of that and needless to say, a small disagreement broke out and in the end it was agreed that anything involving politics should not be posted on the app, I mean afterall, we use the app to interact, share our interests and love for alien & predator and makes friends as well as escape from the real world, NOT have any reminder of how horrible the real world is thrown back at us and have it cause disagreements and arguments that will ruin how great and peaceful our community is.

-The bell is your notifications

-The Happy face is your profile

-The Magnifying glass is your search for, that one is obvious

-The 3 dots on top of eachother is your settings

-WTF which is the predator holding the pizza is where things get weird, not bad weird, more of a funny Haha weird

-Announcements are the predator news you can use, essentially whats new on the app

-Throwback is live everyday like its #TBT, pretty much pictures, GIFs and videos from the movies

-Referral Program is where you! yes you! Refer friends to win prizes

-Predator show or The Rundown are videos where Hunter Dave & Tory take you into the world of Predator. There are 3 videos out now but for a long time there was only 1 video out, I even made a post questioning why there hasn't been any new Rundown videos

-Missions is where you do polls and Quizzes and earn Skulls... Yeah That I'll talk about later on as well

-Deep Cuts is where you learn about obscure predator facts, Trivia and true gems

-Emojis, Yes emojis, now We all know that most, if not, All emojis are pretty bad, the Emoji movie is pretty Cancerous... Why the F*ck does that movie exist and why did they think it was a good idea to make a movie about F*cking emojis??? I'm also pretty sure it ripped of the lego movie which is WAY more watchable, but I digress...BUT! Predator emojis on the other hand are awesome, Cute and they most certainly will not give you cancer. You can use them on the app for your posts but there is also a way that you can use them on your phone as well, there is a How-To on that

-How-To Already talked about that

-Buy Now is where you go buy Alien & Predator Stuff

-And Finally Soundboards

Now I mentioned Rank meter & Skulls, So we're going to talk about that! You'll start off as a youngblood and just like a youngblood, you'll rank up to become a blooded, Like myself, then Elite, and then Yautja leader. In order to rank up however, you need Skulls and lot of them too. In order to get skulls, you need to post, like other predhead's post, Following other predheads, creating discussions and do missions, as I mentioned earlier, though you get more skull when you do missions. I have 32.9K lifetime Skulls, Need 17,006 skulls to become an Elite, and 31.8K skulls available, but you wanna know what else you can do with those skullls? Spend them and send gifts to the friends that you made on the app, You can send them a box of pencils that say CIA on it, a t-rex, SGT Rock Comic, Dutch with a mud mask on, Dillon's arm holding the gun and the Choppa, Only a True predator fan would get what they mean.

More will be added on to this blog...