• 5. Tichinde
  • 4. Two-Stripes
  • 3. Shesh-Kuk
  • 2. Mutated Yautja
  • 1. Berserker Predator

Sometime ago, I did a blog about my Top 15 favorite predators. This blog however is going to be about my Top 5 dislike predators, but why only 5? Well, thats because I don't really hate or dislike any yautja... The small yautjas anyways, Super predators on the otherhand... I hate them... I have a very strong hatered towards Super predators, but there are a few small predators on this list that I do dislike and for good reason, but otherwise, I really don't hate or dislike any small predators. Comment and Tell me your hated or disliked predator or predators and don't be shy about either.