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My Top 15 Favorite Predators

  • 15. Dark Predator
  • 14. Alien Masked Predator
  • 13. Predator Warrior
  • 12. Greyback Predator
  • 11. Big Mama Predator
  • 10. Redemption Predator
  • 9. Dark Age Predator
  • 8. Big Red Predator
  • 7. Sister Midnight
  • 6. Ahab Predator
  • 5. Dachande (Broken Tusk)
  • 4. Scarface Predator
  • 3. Crucified Predator
  • 2. Scar Predator
  • 1. Wolf Predator

Everybody has a Favorite predator, I know i do, in fact, there are so many predators out there that have appeared in movie, comics, games and even books & Fanmade films. But with so many predators to choose from, I have made my own personal top 15 favorite predators list. Tell me who your favorite predator is... Also this is a list for the small predators only... I hate super predators, so no super predators will be on this here list. Comment and tell me your favorite predator or predators and don't be shy about either.

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