So Pretty much one of many of the worst things out there on the internet... Shippings! Thats right, I HATE shippers & shippings!... Well I'll be honest, there are only 2 ships I actually like, but otherwise, they are pretty much the worst & most insulting for the more rational & respectful fans out there, myself included. But there is a shipping that I find the most despicable, along with most MLP shippings (Except Fluttercord because that ship is reasonable and makes the more sense)... The 1# Shipping I HATE Most of all is the Scar+Lex shipping... OH MY FREAKN' GOD! WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST? It's really bad, but also sad, very, very sad at the same time,  Because It's Sweet Sweet Scar Predator From "Alien Vs. Predator (2004) That Becomes the victim of those God damn hateful Shippers, as if he hasn't suffered enough! Now, these lame-brain Shippers Got to make it worst by pairing him with Alexa Woods?! I Think what started the shipping in the first god damn Place was a scene near the end of the movie where (what some Numbnuts thought was a romantic moment in the movie) Scar is marking lex with the mark of honor. Now, Lets get something clear here, ok people? When a Yautja is defeated or has been assisted by a sentient prey (Human), it is custom to award the individual with a gift, usually a weapon. And Because Lex not only Killed a Xenomorph, She also assisted Scar, Therefore, Scar was showing his appreciation by Marking Lex with the blood of the xenomorph!!! The Mark Stood for honor & First Xenomorph Kill. NO ROMANTIC MOMENT THERE PEOPLE!!! Also, Not to mention That Scar Predator was a Young blood, A FREAKN' TEENAGER!!! He may not look like one, But he is physically in his Teens! Possibly 16 of age, 3 years younger than me! I'm 19, and if I'm standing next to him, he'd still be alot taller then me! Freakn' Alexa Woods was probably in her early 20's, making her an adult, so she's actually older then scar predator. Thats a BIG age Difference There! It's also worth noting that Yautjas are NOT physically attracted to humans, In fact, Alexa woods could stand there completely naked in front of Scar and he would not be aroused. Its Even Worst when Theres fan art of That Sh*T! Every GOD DAMN TIME I see that, It not only makes me angry, It Also puts me in a Jealous rage... Because, and I'm just gonna say this, And DON'T get any sick Ideas! Scar Predator is one of my favorite Yautjas (as I have 15 favorites), He has a really really cute, sweet face, beautiful eyes, Great sense of humor, an overall badass, Great personality, Very smart, and Just an all time Sweetheart (Just like my boyfriend, but is alot more cuter then scar)! I say that about scar predator because I not only like him, but in a rather strange way... have a short of crush on him, and when I just look at his face, It makes my heart melt, because he's just so freakn' CUTE!!! Scar predator is just the cutest freakn' predator Ever! I Love Scar predator, but NOT in that way! I'm NOT one of those Freaky weirdos that have sexual yautja fetishes, which that in itself is highly disturbing & F*cked up at the same time... Certainly NOT one of them at all! Honestly, even the idea of anything intimate with scar predator is like... Nnoooooooo... its really uncomfortable, I'd hug him, but thats just about it, nothing more. But if I do start have having sexual fantasies of scar predator... Then that means that I have a mental problem and i seriously need help for that because that sh*t should NOT be happening to me! Serously, I should be having sexual fantasies of my cute and sweetass boyfriend, not f*cking cuteass Scar Predator. And just seeing pictures of scar & Lex as a couple, just makes me very angry & sick to my very stomach!!! And if your someone whose rational, you'd feel that same way too. It not only Insults me, as well as angers me to know That the Scar+Lex Shipping even Exists... But I Find it HIGHLY Insulting To Scar Predator As well as also being insulting to his Well being, Dignity & Honor, and what those Shippers out there are doing To Scar Predator Is Very, Very wrong & insulting! These people have sunkin' really low if they're doing such a very sick thing to poor sweet scar predator... And Scar Predator does NOT Deserve That kind of Horrible treatment From those A**holes... He really doesn't, he should NOT be treated like that at all! Theres Really no reason for such Lowness from these shippers! No reason at all! And DON'T you say that I'm complaining, though It may sound like I'm complaining, but really I'm trying to reason with you people, because I feel that the Interaction between Scar & Lex is very misleading & misunderstood. I also feel that I'm the only one that actually understands scar predator. And while you'll all say that "Oh well that shouldn't matter at all because scar predator is not real!" Even so, It still does matter to me because I don't take that ship very lightly... So with that said, all thats left to say to the Scar+Lex shippers is... SHIPPERS GET REKTED! Because I just Crushed everything about your Scar+Lex Ship!